Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

The Bible says in 1Corinthians 2:9, that ..”eyes have not seen”… (Koinonia hear me, God is comforting someone)..”Ears have not heard neither has it been revealed to the heart of man what God has in store..for them that love him..”

There is dealing with God that is in the realm of lovers. That God loves you so much that he can sit down and think about you and plan something for your life that can make you a wonder and a shock.
Please do not forget that when it comes to the sovereignty of God, God is not a man..
God is not limited by the limitation of men..Men are limited in knowledge, time and strength..But there is ONE WHO IS CALLED

And that when he decides to stand up and bless you, and lift you, he will supply the strength and will lift you the same way you press a button and a lift begins to raise..
Romans 8:28 says..
” And we know..(we are privileged to an information in the kingdom,..we know that all things, not some things…) that all things work together..(please hear me, you lost a loved one, I know it is painful,but hear me..you lost Money, you lost business, your expectations were disappointed..let me tell you, we know…They may not know but we know…that all things work together).. for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Everything in man’s life navigates men to the path of destiny.. This is the wonder of the love of God…

Hear this, God can give strength to the faint.. Whatever you have to do, keep moving..Even if you cry, cry and keep moving..
Even if you feel discouraged, keep moving..
Insist that i will never stop.
If God has not stopped on me, then I will never stop on myself..
I know He has called me to be a worshipper to the nations, but my first song after three months only two people liked it…

No problem..just continue..
Some of you put your sermons online and you had only four comments and all of them were criticisms..Some will call you false prophet and you say you will never go back online again or preach again..No…
Please continue..
Receive the grace to continue..
Receive the grace to keep praying..
Receive the grace to keep speaking..
Someone can come to your family and say Kai..this your family you will never change..
But keep declaring..
With my eyes I shall surely see the salvation of the Lord..
Surely there is an end..My tomorrow is better than my today..
I will one day be called Beulah and Hebzibah..
I am the planting of the Lord, a well watered garden..
“Thou hast caused men to ride upon our heads, we walked through water and through fire but thou brought us into a wealthy place”
“The Lord is my light and salvation
Of whom shall I be afraid?”

Look at me, do I look like I can dance? but when I close the door in my room, I dance anyhow.. I am not competing with anyone.. This is destiny matters..
Brothers and sisters, there is nothing the devil can do with someone who is full of joy and glory. This gloominess that you see people tying their faces around doesn’t bring breakthrough ,it adds to your sorrow. People ask why you look so sad and you say why should I smile? Will you pay my house rent? ..My brother is praise that will pay your rent.
Loosen up and say “Father you are faithful

Turn everything to God and rejoice.
Don’t mind those who mock you while you praise in your situation.. When you meet them for rent they won’t give you..

God loves you…..

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