“FAVOUR IS REAL” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman

Now listen..
Don’t sit down and waste your time hating God for nothing.. favour is very very real..
All blessings come from God through me to you..when the book is opened in heaven by the Spirit, the bride also opens the book on earth and
the Spirit and the bride tells the Word to come..
Listen, it is not difficult when the book is opened. Ahaserus said, what should be done to the man the long chooses to honour…It is a choice ..God can choose to honour you..
There is nothing that can be done when God’s jealousy is invested upon you..

Listen to me believers…
in Christ we are people who are beloved.. this means God has made himself vulnerable to you..
He said….”I have loved thee with an everlasting love and I have drawn you with my loving kindness….”
I have seen these books opened even for me..

I have sat down quietly and God brings the names of people to my mind and I suddenly remember something they have done for me and I feel indebted to them.. I suddenly have had a burden come upon me to help certain people I remembered.. and some testified it was an answered prayer..

Listen to me..
Don’t go around harassing people to help you..it’s not the way to go about it.. Everything works in the realm of the spirit.. stay and pray and declare and sing..and declare the heavens break the seals for you..When the book is opened, suddenly someone will call you who has forgotten you before…

Don’t be ashamed of your service.. it is a memorial before God.
There are things that can happen between you and God on account of your service..That when evil tend to raise against your life or your family, you can stand up with a counter petition and say LORD REMEMBER…REMEMBER..
I am sharing with you my secret..
You will come and testify.

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