Be In Charge Of What Goes Into Your Head.

Be in charge of what goes into your head.

We may not see it, but this social media is having an effect on all of us. It is shaping us. It is influencing us. Sometimes positively, other times negatively.
This place is a big market, every type of thing you can imagine is sold, be careful not to be led into buying what will destroy you.
Everyday there are inbox messages to read. There are WhatsApp messages to reply. New status update to view. Some of the groups we belong to on Whatsapp are ever active. Every minute, lots of messages are dropping like rains waiting to be read and replied.

Every second we are pressing our phones, in a meeting, in a church, in a queue, even on a bike.
We are often like the mad man who is busy but what he is busy doing has no usefulness.
Once we wake up, we rush first to our phones. In no time, we are on Twitter because something is already trending. We want to catch up with the latest “gbas gbos”.

From Twitter, we move to Instagram. Someone announced that one yeyebrity is going live on Instagram to talk about who she/he is sleeping with or who she/he is not sleeping with. We don’t want to miss out, so we are live on Insta.
Every second there is a gossip to catch up with. There is a new picture to screenshot. New trend and challenge to join, both useless and useful ones.
We do not have time for self introspection any more. When people are faced with issues in real life, they bring it online for the law firm registered as Sosho-MeThere to analyze and judge.

Everyday, new social media platforms keep coming out. We hear of Snapchat, we rush to it. We want a picture perfect image with no wrinkles. Meanwhile TikTok is waiting for us. So many clips to watch. Something is trending. Everybody is twerking, you want to twerk too even with your small buttocks. Crate challenge, you are there. Silhouette nko, you are there.
Selfie is now the new self love. It is a rebranded form of narcissism when taken to the extreme.

You make-up, selfie. You dont make-up, selfie. You are dressed to church but going late, selfie. You bought new shoes, selfie. You visit shopping Mall’s toilet, selfie. You saw G-wagon, selfie.
Then you spend hours editing each of the pictures. Adding filters. Changing colours. Removing pimples. Covering armpits with emojis.
In the next minute, 20 pictures are uploaded to WhatsApp and Facebook respectively.
Then comments will start coming in, and you become so busy responding to all the compliments as one who is now self employed. . .shouting awwww everywhere as the CEO of Awwwwww People Association (APA).
Friends, this street is influencing us. The type of people we follow online should not be taken for granted. This is why I always advice friends to be intentional about the people they follow.

Not everyone should be your friend here. If that person is not adding anything of positive value to you, remove the person as fast as you can.
Be in charge of what goes into your head. There are lots of awesomeness here, but there are lots of madness and fake life too. Control what you watch and those you listen to before what you watch and listen to begin to control you negatively.

God bless you
Fr Kevin Ugwu

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