The Donkey that carried Balaam manifested the Gift of SPEAKING in human tongue but still received BEATINGS from Balaam.
But the Donkey that carried Jesus never SPOKE, but received Honour by stepping on people’s clothes.
There is difference between when a man manifest Gifts, and when a man Carry God.
When a man carry God he becomes a Gift to his Generation.
The reason why that Donkey received Honour was because of who she Carried.

You can’t Carry God and not be Honored
Be careful, you can manifest Gift and yet God is not with you…
I can give you a mobile phone as a Gift and leave… And yet the phone will still be working fine. It’s called a Gift.
Romans 11:29 For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.
This Generation does not lack men that has Gifts, we only have a limited number of men that CARRY GOD…
That’s why in our Churches today, a lesbian can fall under the anointing and still get up unchanged, Meanwhile in the days Of Maria Woodworth-Etter it was not so… In her days people fall under the anointing and receive visions of heaven and hell…
Many of us go to Him just to get His PRESENTS(gifts) not because we want to be carriers of His PRESENCE.
Gifts are FREE… But His Presence is not…

Carrying His Presence is just like God giving you the whole of Him…
And the Price for the Whole of God is the Whole of you.
When God gives you His PRESENCE as a PRESENT, He has actually given you the license to REPRESENT.
Why not pray now and say; “Lord, Give me you… I want to carry you… I’m not satisfied with your PRESENTS… I need your PRESENCE…”
Pastor Chukwu Winner

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