When some people cry “Lord use me”

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When some people cry “Lord use me”
Often times what their heart is actually saying is;

Use my life to proof a point to people who didn’t believe in me.

Anoint me so that I can have protocols, those calling me Daddy, Papa and Mama.

I don’t care about what you want all I want is to use your powers to make a name for myself.
Privileged to minister at several places, beyond the lips of what I see people utter, it is glaring what the heart is saying.
“The Lord use me” isn’t because many people love God.
Many people love the display of spiritual gifts and want it also just to proof a point.
Many people love the accolades they see men of God receive.
Many people love the trendy titles of Apostles and want same but not many are totally in love with what syncronizes with the father’s heartbeat and truly desire to do His instructions.

Before you cry for God to use you on stages, has He finished using you in that school he has beckoned on you so much to go and preach?? You have blatantly refused to go for years now because in your mind you think you have passed such level.
Before you cry for God to use you, has He finish using you to talk to those teens in your street who would have been on fire for God by now if you had obeyed?
But you are still singing chants of revival fire yet, you have refused to be an envoy of light!
Before you cry “Lord use me”, has He finished using you in house to house evangelism to communicate the love of Jesus to those who are already gasing out and already losing hope in Jesus?

You have saved up to buy a new Android phone worth the same price of a megaphone he has told you to buy in other to start your street outreach, you have refused.
Yet in every meeting you are still crying
“Lord use me”.
Many are still repeaters in the school of the Spirit because of negligence to subtle instructions that would have launched them into greater feats in God but are still carrying first positions in running around every fire conference they see around that they will never put into practice they instructions they receive after each meeting.

Dear Spirikoko person, stop the spiritual hypocrisy before you’ll tell a generation that Jesus failed you and wasted your time.
Because you are growing age wise doesn’t mean you are growing grace wise if you haven’t finished your test in the school of the spirit.
If you know He has told you to preach in the bus because there are souls He has strategically placed each time you’re traveling to get saved through you, please leave the “Lord use me” and immediately go and do it.

If he has told you to go to secondary schools and fish out those young ones the devil is trying to catch young,
Enough of the “Lord use me”, go to those schools now.
Waiting to manifest without a track record in your cave is you Wasting.
The school has reopened and there are a lot of scattered souls everywhere to receive Jesus of which you would have been that channel yet you’re getting angry that people are not putting Apostle, mama, Papa in your name before they call your name.
Your generation is waiting for you to manifest but you have been failing them by your constant negligence.
Go back to all those instructions you believe you have outgrown and trust God to help you obey them diligently.

Source: EkeminiNelson

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