Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Celebrate Jesus. Father we bless You. The Bible says the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. Can we lift our hands to Heaven and bless the name of the Lord tonight. Lift your hands to the King of kings, to Jesus the Son of the living God. Bless Him for His presence, for His word, for the power of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit we thank You because You are the Author of scripture, You represent the wisdom of Jesus in our lives and we have come tonight demonstrating our commitment to learn; to grow, to be empowered. Church Gist. We pray that tonight there’ll be the hearing of faith and even the working of miracles. May Your word come with power; our hearts are opened in Jesus’ name.
God bless you, please be seated.
It’s good to be in church; it’s good to be in the house of God. Hallelujah.
Very quickly I just want to celebrate a wonderful man of God in our midst, Pastor Bolaji Sunday. He is the Resident Pastor of Living Faith, Goshen. God bless you Sir, thank you for coming.
I want to say a very big thank you to everyone, not just the workers but everyone who has committed himself and herself to this vision so far. God has shown us mercy and I really want to say thank you to our online family all over the world, our Zaria family, our family here in Abuja. The Lord honour you in the name of Jesus. Church Gist. Let me again reiterate the need that we’ll continue to be very serious with Jesus. The need to focus on Jesus. I want to encourage believers, sometimes I think we lose the seriousness that it takes sometimes to receive from God. It’s good to be happy, it’s good to celebrate but sometimes I think if we are not guided, not here in Koinonia, I’m speaking generally; believers have the tendency to go overboard and not receive anything at the end of the service and this is why people continue to learn, the Bible says ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.
I can tell you, there is a level of attitude and seriousness and diligence that must be given when you want to receive. The Bible says that Peter told the man at the beautiful gate; “look at us” and the Bible says he looked steadfastly expecting to receive.
So I just thought to really encourage us that every time you come to the house of God, you must be intentional about your desire to receive, about your desire for an encounter. Church Gist. The house of God is where God makes men. The Church is a place of encounter, transformation; the Church is a place of the miraculous. It is a place for fellowship.
Jesus was speaking and He gave a parable and it had to with the Word. He said every time the Word is sown, satan is also in that vicinity and he has an assignment to take the Word and the Bible says, the ones who did not bear fruit are the ones who heard and did not understand. The ones who beareth fruit are the ones who heard and they understood and even among those who understood, they produced three levels of results; some thirty-fold, some sixty-fold and some a hundred-fold. Church Gist. So it’s my charge to us upfront tonight that we remain intentional about building ourselves. The Word of God is the instrument for building and you cannot imagine how blessed I was just hearing the testimonies. Thank God for miracles, breakthroughs, financial blessings but I am telling you; second only to salvation, the greatest miracle that can happen to an individual is the miracle of transformation.
We have come to the house of God; this is Bethel the place of bread. We have come to learn. The Word of God is very powerful and it is very valuable because this Kingdom is knowledge dependent. When an individual is blinded, there is almost no future for that individual. Church Gist. Darkness is terrible (John 1:5). The greatest need of an unbeliever is salvation. The greatest need of a believer is transformation. The greatest need of a transformed believer is empowerment and the greatest need of an empowered believer is character and humility.
The Church is where believers are methodically groomed. It’s first and foremost a place where people encounter Jesus, the Son of the living God. There is no other name the Bible declares under Heaven given unto men by which we must be saved. No gimmick, no philosophy sustains the power to save a man. It is faith in Jesus Christ and it depends on what you believe about Jesus. This is not my message tonight. Not everything about Jesus saves you. There are things you believe about Jesus that does not equal salvation. Church Gist. For instance, believing Jesus was a good man does not bring salvation. Believing Jesus was the Capital Son does not bring salvation. Believing Jesus was born of a virgin; you are right but that is not what is connected to Salvation. This is an information about Jesus that is related to Salvation. You must believe that He came as a reflection of the love of the Father. You must believe in the substitutionary sacrifice. You must believe in Him as Saviour and Lord and as King, that He was raised up for our justification – this is the condition for salvation.

The Bible in partnership with the Holy Spirit is the only authorised platform for discipleship; for transformation. No other material has the holistic capacity to transform a believer. Any transformation that will turn a believer to be Christ-like must be from the scripture. It is my prayer that God will take away shadow boxing and immaturity from the body of Christ. Church Gist. We must be very methodical with our spiritual growth. Believers should get to a point where they understand the truth of scripture, not as an opinion left to the idea of a man of God or a church. These things must be truth that are founded upon scripture.
The gift and the blessing of having a Bible is to be able to help us to learn so that we through the comfort of scripture might find hope. It says I commend you to God and to the Word of His grace which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among them that are sanctified. Church Gist. There is nothing you seek as far as life and godliness is concerned that scriptures does not sustain the intelligence to give you.
Repetition creates persuasion. When you continue to repeat again and again, then these things become the truth that are most surely believed among us. Every time you open the Bible, there are three things that you are looking out for:

Promises – This is the boundary of God’s commitment to the believer as far as your earth walk is concerned. Church Gist. God is Almighty but the system of administering His love and His power is with respect to the provision that scripture has allowed. God cannot bless a man outside the allowance that scripture gives.
God can do many things; all things but the operation of Jesus Christ as revealed from scripture is based on the truth of scripture. That means if you want to know how far God can go over your life, find what He has said in the Bible. God is only committed to what He says, not what you want. God is not committed to what you want, He’s only committed to what you want if what you want is consistent with what He has said. If your needs have no provision here in scripture, then it will not come to pass.
It is not longevity in church that makes for maturity, it is the awareness that God does not lie, He is a God of integrity. He is also a God of ability and He can be committed to His Word (Genesis 21:1-2). Church Gist. Every time you write a prayer request, don’t think that because you pray on it, it will be answered. The first request is that you must connect every request to the scripture that gives you a guarantee that God has said it in the Bible. This is why scripture-less prayer is useless prayer, it is just a display of energy except you are praying in tongues. When you are praying a prayer that is not Word-based, there is no scriptural platform for God to be committed. God is touched with the feelings of our infirmities but He is moved by His word.
God has spoken so many things concerning us, it is your assignment to work in partnership with the Holy Spirit to find it. They are life to those who find them and those who find receive, finding is a harvest for seeking because the Bible says everyone that seeketh, findeth. Finding is not for men of God; finding is for seekers.
Proverbs 4:18
As far as results are concerned, if you do not know how to engage scripture, you may live a frustrated Christian life.

Principles – the modus operandi of the Kingdom. Principles are the secrets of the Kingdom or mysteries of the Kingdom (Matthew 13:11). There is no other way we command results outside of this. It is not one of the ways, it is the way. Church Gist. Hidden in stories, parables, riddles and psalms; all of them reveal Jesus, the Way; His character and the modus operandi of the Kingdom.
Jesus came to the earth not just to save us. His number one assignment when He came to the earth was as a correction of our idea about God, the God that people did not know because until then, they had not seen Him manifest bodily; they depended on the interpretation of the prophets to know God. So when Jesus came, He came primarily as a correction of our ideas so that we now compare everything the prophets told us about Him with the manifestation of Jesus.
Believers who do not study the Bible or listen to the teachings or engage in the ministry of the Word will not only be the first to be deceived, they will be the first to be destroyed because there is no basis for your security. Church Gist. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
Why do we fail in life? Largely because of Psalm 82:5 – “They know not, neither will they understand; (the limitation is not God’s ability, the limitation is knowledge) they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course”

There must be light over your destiny in the name of Jesus.
Get tired of ignorance, shadow-boxing. You must be able to know with exactitude the spiritual principles that are connected to the outcomes you desire. This is what masteries are about in the Kingdom. Church Gist. Nobody wins the Olympics by mistake. Everybody who gets to that final round of the Olympics was a champion in his own nation, yet someone still takes last in that race. That means the person was a champion but not champion enough at a global scale. So don’t just say you are better than someone because you have two unserious Christians around and you are the one teaching them. By what reference do you think you are serious? They comparing themselves with themselves, the Bible says are not wise. You must raise a high spiritual bar.
Those who win the 100 metres race are never trained with the 100 metres. If you want to win 100 metres, you train yourself with at least 250 metres.
Men are not made by giving useless information, they are made by the Word (John 1:3).

Prophecies – Prophecies give an idea of the end. We need to know what tomorrow looks like; we need to know what the end looks like – that is the cure for fear. Church Gist. People only fear when it is unknown. Scripture has already told us the end of the story; both for your destiny and for our time here so we can find comfort based on scripture.
Jeremiah 29:11
Confidence in an uncertain world comes from the authority of the Scripture. There is prophecy that backs us, it gives us hope and hope does not make ashamed. It is a terrible thing to live in an uncertain world, even at death the Bible still tells us that we are victorious. You don’t fear death because in the Scripture we call death sleeping and they that sleep, sleep at night. When you are sleeping in the afternoon it is called siesta. So they that sleep, sleep at night.
Why will you not want to come to Jesus with these kinds of provisions? Your destiny, your future, your eternity; everything is secured in Christ. This is why satan fights the Gospel.
Everything satan does is connected to one big goal – to stop the revelation and glorification of Jesus Christ.
Anything captured in your life becomes satan’s business if he finds out that there is potential in it to reveal and to glorify Jesus. That means satan has no business with your job, health, children if he does not think there is something in it to bring glory to the name of the Lord. Church Gist. The moment satan finds out that there is something in your life, he doesn’t have to wait for you to be born again, he suspects that one day with this talent that you have, if you ever get born again; he will not wait until you get born again, he will begin to attack it. Satan is not motivated by many motivations. There is a singular motivation, he is motivated by one agenda – to stop the revelation of Jesus Christ and to stop the glorification of the same.
The condition for an attack is that when satan finds out that you were created in the image and likeness of God; as a baby he pursues children. You are an adult. Satan pursues children who could not beg, talk – they could only suck breast. Church Gist. He said kill them, don’t wait until they grow. “Every child was created in the image of God and I know that one day, if that prophet and apostle and everybody arises, we are in trouble” and now you have become an adult, you can use your will in partnership with the Holy Ghost, he will not let you go easily but thanks be to God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ.
John 10:10 – You have no business seeing the thief if there is nothing that is worth stealing, killing or destroying. The thief only comes to you as a verification that there is something in your life that is worth stealing, killing and destroying. Church Gist. Every time you see satan coming around you, it is a confirmation that you are not ordinary. If without engaging the weapons of victory, you are free from satan, it means something is wrong with you. Your freedom should not come from any negotiation with him, your freedom should come by superimposing dominion.
John 10:10
There is a difference between life and abundant life.
It is true that this Kingdom operates by knowledge, it is true that you were created in the image and the likeness of God, it’s true that there is an adversary and the Bible is not silent about him, God decided to invent a formula to ensure that believers remain victorious and that formula is the Word of God in partnership with the Holy Spirit, in partnership with gifts: men and women of God. Church Gist. That when God grants you access to a spiritual family, spiritual voices, scripture, the Holy Spirit – He has supplied to you the weapons of victory. The men and the women of God interpret scriptures, they instruct you according to Jeremiah 3:15 – that is their assignment; to feed you, to give you that spiritual nourishment. The Holy Spirit is the custodian and administrator of the anointing, everything that has to do with the anointing is in the office of the Holy Spirit.
The assignment of the anointing is to insist that the Word of God does not look like a lie; to validate the claims of Jesus as revealed in scripture. Everything that we share week in, week out are among other factors, spiritual arsenals that are equipping you so that you have enlightenment and to know how to use these tools that has been given to produce results (John 15:8, Matthew 5:13-14).


Father open my eyes and let me see.
Tonight, I’m teaching on:
The Bible clearly tells us that everybody has a great destiny in Christ. Everyone born of God and everyone currently walking upon this earth has a great destiny in Christ
Hebrews 10:7
Everyone has something connected to their life and destiny as far as God’s predetermined counsel is concerned. No one walking on the earth is useless – there is an allocation as far as destiny is concerned for everyone.
In Christ, we can have great destiny and greatness is the heritage of the saints, not just godliness but greatness. Church Gist. These are some of the benefits and provisions that we have as sons in light, the heritage of greatness is our birthright, the heritage of greatness is God’s desire for every single one of us (Philippians 3:13-14).
Genesis 26:13, Genesis 17:6, Psalm 71:21, Genesis 12:1-3, John 17:1, Galatians 3:29 – Greatness is our destiny.
Many believers do not know that there is a protocol to greatness, they desire to be great in ministry, business, career and so on and for many people, we just guess and shadow box our way and we are not able to attain that level of spiritual efficiency to rise so that we can do much for the Kingdom. In your desire to be great, the first information I want to bring very quickly tonight is that, with respect to greatness, there are two principal seasons in the life of everyone.

The Season of Preparation. There is no instant manifestation in the Kingdom. It is important for you to know that if you are not prepared for anything, on the day of manifestation you will fail.
There are three phases under this season of preparation:
a). The Phase of Discovery. You will never be able to actualize destiny and you will never be able to walk in the fullness of your call until you go through this phase of discovery. Many people violate this phase of discovery and yet they want God to use them mightily and to become influences and references across territories.
Your first discovery in life if you want to be great is to discover God, God Almighty. The scriptural basis for this is found in Genesis 1:1. In the beginning of anything, you start with God. Church Gist. Most times people involve God but He does not take that first place. We add Him like we are putting salt in a soup. The protocol is that He must be the Author otherwise He cannot be the Finisher.
Exodus 3:1-15
Most people don’t pay attention to God. In your spiritual training with God, let me give you an advice and you can use this as a template to mentor other believers; when you are starting with believers, don’t start teaching them things about success, prosperity. When you really want matured believers; when you meet God, He does not talk about any other thing yet until He reveals Himself. Church Gist. So when you are training believers, you must take dedicated time to expose them to God; everything about God then when that foundation of God is settled, you can now begin to move to other subjects.
The second discovery is yourself. Now that you have discovered God, you can discover yourself. If you do not know who you are, Sinach taught us in her songs that if you don’t know who you are, there are many things you will not be able to walk in; power, miracles, you cannot live a life of favour. Why? You don’t know who you are.
The Nation of Israel forgot their identity that they were a covenant people and when they were sent to go and spy the land, they came back with an evil report. Church Gist. They said we were like grasshoppers. God didn’t say it, satan didn’t say it; they said it to themselves. You must know who you are.
There is something called Identity crisis. Identity crisis is the resultant effect of not comprehending your worth. The moment you do not know who you are, the devil and men will paint a picture that you are not. There are many people today who are under needless pressure trying to be who and what they are not. It is not in the blue print of their destiny. Bishop David Oyedepo would say, to find out your picture from scripture; to be able to find out that, this is what God has said concerning me. This is who I am based on what scripture said not what your mind is saying.
Parents have a major role in destroying the self-worth of children. Church Gist. By the time you begin to minister words, curses and words that are not consistent with scripture, by the time an average child is 10, 15 years, subliminally he has already received all kinds of suggestion about who he is.
When Satan came to Jesus, the first test was first of identity. “If you are truly the son of God”. Jesus said I don’t need to prove to you, the Voice already spoke that I am His beloved son. So when life and friends and society and the sociological context of our world now forces you to do things and be things to show you are great, you can tell them no. “I’m a civilized person but I have limits, I know who I am based on scripture”.
The third discovery is your gifting and abilities. There is always a rod in your hand, that is the rod you will use to work signs and wonders. Church Gist. Everyone seated here looking at me, following online, there is something God has put within you that the world is desperately waiting for to receive – this is truth based on scripture.
Nobody came here empty; everybody came here as an expression of the fullness and life and the power of Jesus. If you are a Joseph, we need your leadership and your ability to interpret dreams. If you are a Deborah, we need your strength and dexterity in war. Church Gist. If you are a Moses, we need your passion to be able to communicate with God and prophetically drive the people out of captivity.
What do you have in your hand? 2 Kings 4:1-2
Be careful what you call nothing. You must discover what you have. Every great man that you admire today whether in the Kingdom or the secular; ministry, politics, business they were men and women who among other factors got to a point in their lives where they discovered that there is something that God has given them.
Your sense of self-worth among other factors is tied to the perception of the value you have about yourself. Church Gist. We live respectfully speaking in a fake world today where everybody thrives to do this and live this – don’t fake what can be real. Your self-worth is never about any exterior thing around you. If you put your trust in anything outside you, you are insecure.
The next is discovering your potentials. I first heard this from the lips of my mentor, Dr Myles Munroe. When I read his book on discovering your potentials, he said that the wealthiest place on earth is not the gold mines, the oil mines – the wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery because that is where books died that were not written, dreams died that did not come to pass and He said his assignment was not just longevity alone, his focus was efficiency. Church Gist. One of the last books he wrote before he went to be with the Lord is called ‘passing it on – the principle of transgenerational relevance and legacy”. A man that cheated death indeed.
Billy Graham discovered that he had the ability to love the Lord and to communicate effectively and he deployed that gift in his evangelical operation and today, arguably one of the greatest evangelists in modern history who has lived. What do you have in your hand, what do you have in your house? It is time to go back and stay with the Holy Spirit and take an intentional inventory of everything that constitutes an advantage in your life because everything God gave you that constitutes an advantage will be used for your destiny.

In the name of Jesus, may you see clearly.
If you do not find that rod in your hand, you will be ashamed when you stand before Pharaoh because there will be nothing that will demonstrate the glory of God. Church Gist. It was the rod God gave Moses that was used to prove the Almightiness of God. If you neglect your gift, there will be nothing in your life to prove indeed that God is mighty over all.
When it looks like certain individuals are superstars, the difference between a superstar and whatever is this discovery. Nobody is intrinsically exceptional above any other person. Be inspired and challenged by people’s lives to discover your own unique value.
Greatness is simply the world acknowledging you for serving effectively with your gift; the feedback you receive from your world and your generation for effectively serving them with your gift. Church Gist. When you use this that God has given you, you are starting your journey to greatness.
b). The phase of Development. Potential is what a thing can become but is not; untapped resources. The greatest way to bring your dream to pass is to wake up from that dream. You must obtain grace from God to refine two aspects of your life:
i). Your mind.
ii). Your gifts and potentials.
If you refine your gift alone, you will still be frustrated. The mind is a very important component as far as excelling and greatness is concerned in this Kingdom. Many people want the power that was in Jesus but do not want His belief system. Romans 12:1-2
The most important thing about success and greatness is not the achievement, it is what you become or have to become to obtain it. Church Gist. What you have to become to be great is greater than the greatness itself. Becoming is greater than doing. It is knowledge, transformation and then action, not knowledge and action.
Proverbs 23:7
There are three levels of education; unlearning, re-learning and learning. One consistent trait that runs across all the fathers of faith in this nation is that they are exceptionally brilliant people. There is no dull father of faith that I know who is making global impact because ministry is more than preaching. Preaching only accounts for at least 30 per cent of ministry; there is administration, leadership, diplomacy – there are all kinds of factors involved in ministry. For them to win this much, it is the Holy Spirit in partnership with an enlightened mind. We must settle down to contend for knowledge and challenge yourself to be transformed.
It is selfish to refuse to be great, there are destinies connected to your rising. Because more than yourself, there are people who will eat from the fruits of your greatness.

The Season of Testing. If you are doing business with God, before He commits to you destinies, anointing and graces, you must be tested (Genesis 22:1-4).
This final phase of your preparation season is the hardest phase for most people. The season of test is a season where you have to obtain grace from God. The season of test will test you across these things;
i). Trust and integrity.
ii). The test of Patience.
The test of greatness achieves many things among them, it must humble you to your lowest otherwise it is not God lifting you. Church Gist. The test of destiny will insult your pedigree. The moment you are too big to be tested, you are also too big to be great. The season of testing is the season where it seems like God is not answering to your prayers.
For many years in my life, I wanted to buy a car but God prohibited me and at a point I said, what is all this one now? The making of the great is painful. That season makes it painful and you think it is only you. Lift up your eyes, look beyond the pain, your salvation is near. Church Gist. The only way to get to the throne is to pass through the cross. At this period of your life, I want you to hold on. There are times you’ll cry but you still stay.
If you want to claim the blessings of Abraham, be ready to carry Isaac to that mountain. We live in a generation that claims people’s anointing and refuses their sacrifices. Church Gist. I’ve cried in my life; you see me smiling all the time. I’m only smiling before you, ask God. The burden of this ministry. The first time we organised a crusade as a ministry, then we were just starting. We didn’t even have money to pay the transport fare. Brothers and sisters, this our generation must reduce this ungodly admiration that erodes the need for process.
There was a time I prayed for 72 hours, without stopping. My eyes did not know whether it was morning or night. I am not saying this to boast in the flesh but I am telling you ladies and gentlemen, greatness does not just happen. I’ve had the honour and the privilege of knowing a few Fathers of faith in this Nation, I tell you sometimes when you look at them, you can almost see in the spirit, blood dripping like rain on the ground. Their entire lives have become a drink offering.
The testing process is very difficult. God will test everything He will be using you to do. The training of the school of the Spirit gives you stability and stamina.
There is a man of God that God gave an assignment for one or two years that he should leave all his money and everything and go and live somewhere in this Nation and he went, you will think he does not have anything. Church Gist. It was a sacrifice. In the course of that journey, he received a burden for that land, such a powerful evangelical burden and it changed his life.

My prayer for you is that you will not give up during your season of test.

The Season of Manifestation (Hebrews 6:15). Your season of appearing is when God opens the curtain of your destiny and you are ready to stand on the stage of life. The season of appearing happens so fast, it will surprise you. Church Gist. There are phases to it but it can happen instantly. There is a mysterious way God designed the season of appearing. It has indicators but you will never know the exact moment. You just keep being faithful.
How do you know your season of training has come to an end? God Himself defines the moment for you. For everyone that ended a season, a man was there to lift his hand. If you are Joseph, Pharaoh is there. If you are Saul, Samuel is there. For as long as you have not seen your Samuel, keep moving.
Acts 2:1-2- You know you are in your season of appearing because suddenly things just change with speed.
When the Lord began to open doors of ministry for me, it came with such level of speed, I could no longer accommodate my schedules. While you wait, cry but wait. Keep doing what He asked you to do. Nobody has exhausted his season yet. The moment you get to that point of appearing, the next level starts with the same cycle again. Preparation and then manifestation, you don’t exhaust it. Look at our father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo, when he was building the Faith Tabernacle, oh, did he know that another one was coming. When Baba Adeboye was building the old ground, that one is a miracle already – that is somebody’s prayer point. But after enduring, God now told him, build 3KM by 3KM – next instruction. I remember those days in ministry, we used to sit on mats and then the days of Zaria and now He has brought us into this season. Only God knows how many episodes of greatness will happen in our lifetime. Church Gist. That’s why it is dangerous to over celebrate realms, they will distract you. There is a healthy way to celebrate and prepare because every time you attain a manifestation of a realm, the preparation for the next realm will start immediately. This is how champions live – Champions never rest.
You look at our fathers in the Lord today, it’s as if they are just starting ministry. I returned back from Enugu and I was seeing the posters of our father, Baba Kumuyi everywhere. I said at this age, this man is still traveling and holding crusades as if he’s trying to gain visibility. Church Gist. Please let me give you an advice, when people clap for you, sustain the courage to tell them it is enough because I’m already focusing on the training for the next season.
Mark 4:26-28
Three levels of stepping into your season of appearing. When you begin to step into seasons of greatness, everything will not happen at once, there are levels:
a). The blade
b). The ear
c). The full corn in the ear.
It was Pastor Nathaniel Bassey who was sharing about the things that were happening to him, that a time came in this Nation where he was under his late Pastor, nobody knew anything about him… There are footballers who suffered as if God did not call them. They kept enduring and when their season came, just one person will look at them and will ask them to come and that was it.
Many years ago, I went to a place called Premier Hotel in Ibadan. When I went there, it was night and I didn’t even have the money to pay for any space or accommodation and I’m telling you, I said God, what is this? Church Gist. I entered the place, a wonderful place; I was seeing people and I could not pay for the place; I was just hanging around and then eventually I made up my mind and I said I can’t stay like this till morning. There was a church somewhere, I trekked and I found a church that was doing night vigil. I joined them to do that night vigil, there was no need wasting time. Few years later, I would go to preach within that region and right from the airport, I saw people greeting me, protocols with cars and they were leading me to my place of stay. Guess where they took me? When I saw myself climbing the stairs, tears filled my ears and I said oh God, only a fool will say there is no God. They took me to their highest suite and I was there. I usually travel with my people and they were outside, there were swimming, playing table tennis and I was watching them from that place. I said it’s not your fault. They were happy, enjoying themselves by the pool and I was watching.
Do you know how many people are cheering you in the spirit and saying for our sakes, don’t give up? We have been waiting for you. Don’t give up. There are nameless faces in the spirit joining the angels to say you have come too far. Apostle you don’t know how many times I have failed. Do not worry, there is what we call failing forward. Church Gist. There is failure as an event, there is failure as a person. I bring you words of comfort, in this Kingdom there is something called the season of preparation and the season of appearing. No matter how many times you fall, don’t throw that rod. That is the rod you will use to part the Red Sea. Make sure by the time you get to the Red Seas, you don’t get there alone, you get there with your rod.
Be careful when you laugh at people who are in their season of training, you may be laughing at your destiny helper. Church Gist. Sometimes God allows people to witness your failure so that they will be the defenders of your greatness. Don’t be ashamed of your season of greatness. The scars on your hands today will become your symbol of honour tomorrow.
Are you ready to pray? Please rise up on your feet.


Lord, I’m in my season of preparation; grant me grace to discover You.

Lord, grant me the grace to endure like a faithful soldier; building my mind, building my value.

Lord help me to be faithful in my season of testing. May I have the stamina to remain strong. I will finish my season of training with honour, with nobility

Pray for sensitivity so that on the day of appearance, may it find you where God asked you to stay.
Father we thank You for the privilege of coming into Your house tonight in the name of Jesus


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