Sisters close your eyes, let me talk to my beloved brothers, Love and romance is not a respecter of persons, religion or spiritual inclinations. The language of love is universal and would not spare you if you turn a blind eye to it.

I get it that sometimes our desire and passion to please God and stay chaste can become so strong that every show of care and affection to the opposite sex becomes carnality and tantamount to landing you into sin and ultimately hell fire but brother be calming down.

You are still in the world and even though you are not of this world, you need to understand and obey certain laws in order to live a fruitful and beautiful life.

You can be nice to a lady without unnecessarily attaching ulterior motives to it. Holiness is not the same thing as meanness. I know what I am telling you because I was there, frigid, inaccessible, insensitive, wearing a serious look most times and all. If my husband was wearing the serious long face , maybe I would have turned down the proposal.

The annoying part is that some brothers don’t drop this attitude at the altar on wedding day but carry it into their matrimonial homes and when you hear his wife call him “Daddy” or “My Lord”, you think she is being romantic while in actual sense she is really seeing him as a Daddy and Lord as in real Lord. (Lol). Some brothers get to the extent of calling their wife “Sister”.

Have you seen some that can’t walk with their wife on the street, talk more of asking him to hold her hand in public. (Wahala). ?

You see him use scripture to convert every opportunity to be romantic or at least nice to worldliness and unrighteousness. Birthday celebrations are demonized with the convenient excuse that John the Baptist was beheaded on Herod’s birthday and while you are trying to recover from this shock, you will be asked when last you celebrated the day you gave your life to Christ. Bros, like seriously?

Bro does not understand why you two should go to an eatery on a Sunday evening when there is plenty of food in the house.

People in this category will not go to the cinema even to see a Mount zion rapture movie. How can we waste such precious time and money when souls are dying. (Odikwa egwu ooo).

Before you condemn Judas Iscariot for questioning the economic rationale of pouring the Alabaster box of perfumes on Christ’s feet, some brothers today would have started fasting and praying for Jesus to be saved from the seductress and the spirit of seduction.

Oh yes, this is not an endorsement of loose living or carelessness around the opposite sex but when you are trying to get or have already gotten a lady to spend the rest of her life with you, please take a chill pill from some of the good intentioned over the bar policies you installed to protect you from immorality. Trust me, they are okay but that’s until you start wooing somebody’s daughter to marry you or after marrying her.

I hear of people that won’t pick their fiancee if they saw her standing by the roadside or trekking even on a rainy day but won’t mind picking every other person. Is it that once she enters your car – boom… fornication will start. Odikwa egwu. I get it that sometimes in the bit to maintain some level of law and order, religious organizations institute practices to help keep singles and intending couples holy but hello!!! we are humans and not robots. Tommorow if the sister says she is not marrying again you will ask her to go and pray more for conviction.

Brother me, church will not scatter if you sit with your wife in church or help her do her zipper that is out of place in public. Na your wife she be oo. Know when to switch from Bachelor mindset to husband mindset.

Some of us will feel uncomfortable if we found a brother and a sister talking and laughing freely and before you know it, gossip is already making rounds of an affair between them. Who did this to us?

Have good standards for purity if you don’t have one yet and if you are in doubt of my position as regards chastity and relationship between unmarried people of opposite sex
You can be holy and still be nice, romantic and loving. Left for some of us, we would question God on why he let Solomon write so explicitly in the Songs of Solomon and even delete the whole chapter if possible.

You can call my write up an encouragement for carnality or anything you like but before you do so, how interesting is your life and marriage? How happy is that sister you are courting that once you meet her, ever before she sits down you have started speaking in tongues and the next one and half hours of a two hour meeting with the love of your life will be spent praying. Brother, what will you do when you get home?

If the sister complains and asks you to step up your game, you call her worldly, carnal and proud until she meets one guy with a questionable salvation who treats her nice and makes her feel honored as a woman and she dumps you for him despite your dreams and revelations you will now say she has backslidden or broken your heart.

Many well meaning christian sisters would rather stay single than marry a pastor for this single reason and we still think it is not a serious matter.

Before I let you go for today, If you have chosen to never get married or woo a lady then fine but if it ever crosses your mind to get into the business of man and woman then know this:

1) Christian sisters love brothers who look and talk smart, change that your shoe and get a nice one. Find nice T-shirts, trousers and sneakers that are your size – you will not die.
2) Christian sisters appreciate compliment too not because they are worldly but because it’s a basic human need. Learn to say nice things to her.
3) Christian sisters like brothers that still have something to say after the Bible is closed. Be knowledgeable in the trends of the times.
4) Christian sisters love to pray but after prayers they don’t mind hanging out. Carry money for pocket Oga.
5) Christian sisters are first ladies, then Christians so if you think you can creep into their hearts by only speaking in tongues and talking big revelations, you are getting it wrong. Show them love.
6) Christian sisters appreciate sobriety but they also like to be free and laugh from their heart around people they love and care about so loosen up.
7) Christian sisters may not be demanding like the girls you hear of but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have needs so if you have business with any of them as a wife or fiancée, be sensitive to her needs and don’t always wait for her to ask.
Christian sisters might be keeping themselves celibate and pure for you till marriage but that doesn’t mean she abhors sex. So after you five hours prayers go and learn or ask or read about how to make a woman cum. Stop frustrating daughters of zion in the other room.
9) Christian sisters love to be called romantic names too, don’t call her sister except she tells you that’s what she likes being called.
10) Christian sister also like to express themselves in the other room, don’t ask her who is teaching her all these things just co-operate and be blessed
Author unknown

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