Friends and beloved of God, I have been thinking and praying since yesterday after I came across a piece of write up about the life and times of Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory of how he deployed his life, time and energy in the service of the kingdom and his generation and how he finished his course and gloriously passed on to be with the lord after preaching an amazing sermon on the benefits of death. According to the story, he was not sick; never complained of any form of pain or weakness of any sort, he just gloriously transited to glory.

The question was, where are the younger generation to carry the mantle? While I was praying and pondering over it at the early hours of today, news hit the airwaves that God’s general Dr. David Yonggi Cho has gone to be with the lord.
My concern is not about their passage so to speak, my concern is; how prepared are we to carry on the batons and the mantles and to fill up the spiritual vacancies, the spiritual gaps and vacuums these men are leaving behind?.

Of lately, Gods Generals are rapidly transiting to glory, Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, Dr. Morris Cerullo, and then Dr. David Yonggi Cho among many others. It is worthy of note, that the God’s generals who are alive today are also getting older by the day, this is therefore a clarion call to the younger generation to wake up and take responsibility because time is running fast. We must wakeup fast in order for us not to fail our generation.

We are to know the mantle(s) that is available for us.

We are to be prepared to take on the baton when it is time.

We should be ready to wake up and take responsibility for our generation

We should be ready and available to connect to the mantles of these great Generals through our service and seeds to them while they are still alive.

In conclusion,
When Elijah went to heaven there was Elisha to carry on the mantle. When Moses passed on, there was a Joshua to carry on with the mantle. Our cry and prayer should be: lord, help me not to fail my generation and every mantle that is for me from my fathers, help me to be positioned to receive it in due season.
I see a new day for you!

(C) Pastor Bartholomew Oche


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