Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Praise the name of the Lord.
Let’s lift our hands to Heaven, Father in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank You for the grace to pray, we thank You for the grace to worship. Tonight we declare that there is the hearing of faith and even the working of miracles. Jesus we declare that this remains Your place of habitation, a place of transformation, a place of lifting in the name of Jesus. We open up our hearts to access Your wisdom tonight, speak oh God in the name of Jesus Christ.
God bless you, please be seated.
Hallelujah, praise the Lord.
Father tonight, this is a very special teaching, it’s one that You have brought, one of the mysteries of the Kingdom. It has brought wisdom to the life of many, let it bring wisdom to Your people tonight. This is a prayer from the depth of my heart and I pray by the power of the Holy Spirit that it will change our lives in Jesus name.
Ecclesiastes 3, I want to share with you a very deep spiritual mystery tonight that controls relevance; a mystery tonight that controls the continuity of the impact upon the life of men. Hallelujah.
This is a mystery that controls transgenerational relevance, it is the key that can keep you after many years, even when people are falling by the wayside. Church Gist. The Bible says, better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof. That means just because you started well does not mean you will finish well; just because you started from a stand point of relevance and impact, it does not mean that you will finish well.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Oh intelligent student, what was the common word in every sentence?
Response: Time
Everything kept changing except one word – time. Church Gist. He connected everything to times and he connected everything to seasons.
1 Chronicles 12:31 – the children of Issachar were people who had an understanding of the times and they knew what Israel had to do.
Psalm 90:12
We rise in this Kingdom on the strength of the mysteries that we know. I’ve taught you that a mystery is a modus operandi, a body of knowledge that is peculiar to a group of people, in this case, peculiar to believers; men and women who are in Christ and so when the Bible talks about the mystery of the Kingdom, it is the revelation of the modus operandi of the Kingdom, so that by accessing this mystery, we can reign, we can excel in life.
When the Lord open me up to this truth; it so imparted my life, I wish that I could gather the whole world and preach this message to everyone alive because as you will be learning, there are severe consequences for not knowing these truths that I am about to share. It does not matter whether you are a pastor, a politician, a businessman; it doesn’t matter what walk of life, young, old – this is a truth that applies to all.
This is a secret for transgenerational relevance, you understand what I’m teaching you tonight, after thirty years, you will still be standing; standing strong and doing so much for the Kingdom.
The Bible tells us in Genesis 41, that there was a king in Egypt called the Pharaoh of Egypt and then the Bible says, once upon a time that this Pharaoh of Egypt went to bed and this Pharaoh had a dream and it was a very, very mysterious dream; it was a dream that troubled him, when he woke up, the Bible says he gathered all his wise men and he said, what is the meaning of this? That dream you see, ladies and gentlemen controls a mystery; there is a revelation behind that dream. Church Gist.
The first thing I want to share is very powerful because there are certain levels of revelation you cannot be trusted with until you rise to certain realms. The dream that Pharaoh had, even though he did not honour the God of the Hebrews, the God of Heaven, he was the only one who was in a position to do something about that dream. There are times that God would have to make do with unbelievers because there are no sufficient believers in strategic positions that can allow God reveal somethings, which is dangerous. We must never get to a point in our lives where God would have to teach us through unbelievers, simply because believers have not ascended positions of strategic influence to allow them host the purposes of God for a season or for a generation.
So Pharaoh had this dream and called on the people and eventually Joseph comes and he begins a discussion that will be a lesson for us tonight.
Please follow patiently as we explore this dream because the dream is a mystery; a mystery that speaks of a reality that is in the life of all men. Failure to know this will cost you more than you can imagine.
Genesis 41:1-36
This is the first mystery – Pharaoh had a dream and he saw two set of cows; one fat healthy looking, the other slim and then in the process of time, remember we are dealing with time, that the lean ones ate the fat ones and never increase in size.
… the seven good kine are seven years. That means the cows have nothing to do with cows, the plants have nothing to do with plants. Can you already see that many people have been making mistakes in their interpretation of dreams? If many of you were to interpret this dream now, you will be suprise at the many ungodly extra biblical interpretations that will come from this dream.
Most people will start talking about something that God’s attention is not there. This already is a lesson; that it truly takes grace from God to interpret correctly. Church Gist. I probably would have fail this interpretation woefully, who would ever know that a cow and plants could mean time? He said what you saw has nothing to do with animals or plants, it is a mystery of time.
Here is the mystery: that years can eat years. I understand that animals can eat other animals but I never knew that time can also eat time. That seven years of plenty can be eaten by seven years of famine to the degree that you will never imagine that there was a once years of plenty.
Pharaoh is receiving counsel from a young boy empowered by the Spirit of God and he is sharing a mystery that Pharaoh, no matter how powerful you are, no matter how powerful Egypt is, God is revealing to you that there is a law; the law of seasons. It has nothing to do with you being good, it has nothing to do with you being bad. It is the law of seasons and that in every man’s life, born again or not, this law is not one you can pray out of your life, it is established.
There will always be seasons of plenty represented by the fat cows and there will always be seasons of leanness. The difference is whether you yield to the advice of Joseph or otherwise. Those who disobey Joseph are about to pay the price with their entire lifetime because years can eat years. Joseph tells Pharaoh: this is not something you can pray and say God change it. No!
Let me tell you this, when God created the earth, the Bible tells us that He made the stars to signify times and seasons, the law of seasons is a very powerful spiritual law that many believers have not been taught and many well-meaning innocent people have had to pay the price because they did not know how to discern seasons.
Pharaoh, hunger is about to come to the earth, famine is about to come to the earth and that includes Egypt but you have a chance now, there is a season. Here in Africa especially in Nigeria, we have rainy season and dry season and all these seasons have their features. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated;the moment it is rainy season, there are certain things that are given to you by reason of the season. The land is soft enough for cultivation, you do not need to labour so much to till the land because the rain has done that for you. You may not go through so much labour to clean and fight dust because the season itself helps to purify the air. If that season is done, it will switch to another season and you will look at the ground as though water never fell on it, the land that was ever green now looks dry and brown and it looks like water never fell there. Now, it is still possible to farm during the dry season but you will have to find a way of outsourcing water to stimulate a rainy season during dry season for the plants to grow. Church Gist. You may not know how wrong you are during the dry season but another season can show you whether you were doing right or not.
Seasons are powerful, there are many things you may be doing wrong but just because you have not arrived at the season that will show you how wrong you are, you may think you are right for a long time until seasons change and there are times you can be doing something very right and look like a fool for many years because the season that shows your wisdom has not yet come. Once upon a time, the wisdom of Noah looks like foolishness because the season of rain had not come; he kept putting the animals there and others were laughing at him and say to what end is this? But a season would soon come, Pharaoh, what you saw is a mystery that happens to all men.
Have you seen people who maximize certain seasons in their lives but they forgot that seasons will change and they ignore the advice of Joseph until the season changed? This has caught up with politicians. It is terrible to be out of relevance in your life time, this has caught up with men of God, family people – changing seasons, that no season ever remains the same.
Pharaoh, the dream that you have is deliverance; it is a mystery that if you understand will save you, the law of seasons. In every man’s life, there will be this season of fatness and there will be this season of leanness. What do they mean?
According to the vision or the dream of Pharaoh and the interpretation of Joseph, the seven years of plenty represents seasons of ease, seasons of abundance and seasons of opportunities.
The seven years of the fat cows and the flourishing plants represents seven years of ease, abundance and opportunities. What opportunity; opportunity to know God, to maximize destiny, to invest in your life. Then the seven years of famine represents moments of constraint, inconvenience and scarcity for various reasons. For instance, let’s use biological age. How many of you agree that by the time a man is sixty or seventy years, prepared or not, seasons would have changed. The strength that you have when you are ten, twenty, thirty may not be there again and if you are a worker in this Country, there is something called retirement. Church Gist. The meaning of that is that you may not have the opportunity to go to work and collect a regular salary again. The reason why pension works is because it is part of obedience to the advice of Joseph; that from your seven years of work, something is kept so that by the time you retire, it will be given to you again.
So by the time a young man in ministry who is probably in his thirties or forties is now living in the season of a man who is seventy, eighty years, you know what you are doing? You are already destroying the opportunity that you have for the seasons that are coming. Church Gist. Please do not take anything I’m teaching tonight personal, it is truth that I will give you.
I have seen people in old age today with nobody to help them. They work alone as though they never had the privilege of youthfulness and the question I’m tempted to ask is; what do they do with those days because at that time, the lean cows have come to eat up the fat ones, years can eat years. There are people today who retired as directors, CEOs and yet they may not be able to raise hundred thousand with honour because during their time of glory, they did not know that seasons change. Once upon a time in this Nation, when you mention certain names as powerful as these great men are; look at men like Reinhard Bonnke, T.L Osborn, Billy Graham – as much as we love them, the truth is whether we like it or not, according to the law of seasons, eventually they have gone. That means that everybody who finds himself or herself on the stage, you better realise someone left there before you got there and realise that very soon, the light of destiny is pushing you out.
Listen, there is a deception that comes with these seasons of glory, it makes you believe you will never leave the stage for any reason. Church Gist. This has deceived men of God, people in politics, parents; they forgot that these children will one day grow and they will be young and they treated the children in an evil way. Many of them today are old and wrinkled and left alone by angry adults who were once babies.
There are people who rose in honour, the never raise anybody in their lifetime; they are the only ones and when the devil attacked them, he got them alone because they had no support system. Learn the wisdom that comes from this mystery tonight. Pharaoh, the dream is twice because it is established, there is nothing you can do against it, you can only build a system to overcome it.
It is a dangerous thing to once be relevant, it is a dangerous thing that in your lifetime, you are still alive and yet your life becomes a warning, not a message. They tell people; if you want to go far please don’t use this reference, you are still alive and breathing. So we know that there are alternating seasons in the life of everyone. The moment you see rainy season, rainy season comes with a letter from dry season, “I am coming”. The moment you see dry season, dry season comes with a letter from rainy season, “I am coming”. If you receive the season and don’t receive the letter that prepares you for the next season, you will be in trouble. The moment you see people celebrating you, remember that one day, the same people will say crucify him. The moment you see people saying crucify him, remember that that one day, John will also stand close to the cross. Listen, if you master seasons, you will remain relevant through seasons.
I’m speaking because some of you are in these seasons right now, you can be in a season where nobody knows you; you are a man of God who is being made by God, nobody knows you, no invitation, no fame, no glory, no nothing and if you do not do anything with that season, the day your season of appearing comes, prepared or not… once upon a time in my life, I have had the luxury to pray, I could lock myself even if it is for three days at will and not come out because I had the time. Today, I don’t have that kind of time, if I want to make that kind of time, I will have to go out of my way; many programs will suffer just because I want three days to myself – changing seasons.
Young lady, now that you do not have children, God says fast for three days and you are saying no; you don’t know the days that are coming, you don’t know the responsibility of the attacks that can come on your children. You are enjoying the fat cows and God is saying pray. Young man, you want to start ministry you are moving around with protocols, God is saying nonsense, sit down! There are days coming, you do not know the demons that attack mantles and anointing. Church Gist. Prepare because where I am sending you to, you will need power in the Spirit for the kind of result you want. Can I tell you? Don’t let people pity you out of preparing for great seasons. Sometimes people can love you too much, they will say this is too much; this fasting is too much – they don’t know the other seasons coming.
There are four major seasons in a man’s life: the season in every man’s life is broken into 4 twenty-five circles:

The morning stage of every man’s life. This represents the first twenty-five years of your life. This is the stage where you can make mistakes and go life scot-free, life will forgive you. There are certain things that should have happened to your destiny at that stage, according to God’s expectations, by twenty five years, you should have found Jesus Christ, you should not be walking around hoping to guess what salvation is, no. By twenty five you should be filled with the Holy Ghost, build strategic destiny relationships.
There are many people who got born again at thirty, you are already five years behind schedule of seasons. Church Gist. Someone of eighteen years can be playing with his life, you who is thirty five, you are joining him to play, who is foolish? That person can play around with his life and repents later on and still work within the twenty five years, you that time has already gone, you don’t have that time again.
First twenty-five years of your life is a time for massive investment in your spirit, a prayer bank, that is the time to have a track record of commitment to God.

The afternoon stage. The morning stage is the stage of learning, the afternoon stage is the stage of execution and it represents the next twenty-five years of your life; from 26-50 years. That is not the stage of rehearsal, if you are still learning at that stage, you are behind time.
Jesus Christ, look at what He was doing at age twelve, because he knew that destiny is measured in time. At age twelve when His contemporaries were running around and managing the pressures of teenage, He was at the temple with those who had gone ahead, redeeming the time. Church Gist. When His parent came to drive Him, He said do you not know that I should be about my Father’s business? That is a twelve-year old child. For the next eighteen years, we do not hear of Jesus Christ again, the next time He showed up, He is a thirty-year-old man, prepared with stature and in three and half years, he finished His assignment and signed it. Till today, nobody has been able to produce that kind of result – thirty years.
So, the second season of your life is the season of execution, walking in the fullness of your purpose and your assignment, from 26-50.

The evening stage. This is the stage of legacy where at this point, you are not trying to prove a point again. It is expected that within that time, that time of your life, the afternoon stage like the sun shines brightest in the afternoon, that is the stage of maximum kingdom impacts. Church Gist. By the time you are fifty-one down to seventy-five, it’s a stage of legacy, that’s when you begin to build institutions that reflects your value.
You are not successful until there is a generation that becomes loyal to your thoughts. You cannot mark your script and give yourself a grade, it is one generation that will tell us whether you are successful or not. Our success is proof that Jesus succeeded. This is a stage of mentoring and building younger generations.
There are young people who are sleeping eight hours in one day. Let me give you an advice, if you sleep eight hours out of twenty five years, by the time you are thirty years, you’ve slept for ten years of your life, sleeping for ten years at age thirty. Be careful with this over- seeking comfort at an early stage in life. We have a generation that is so passionate about comfort. You read the Bible for two hours, you sleep for four hours, you have to be careful. I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day, Jesus Himself said this; for the night cometh when no man can work again.

The stage of rest, not death but rest. If you started this journey completely, at seventy-five, you should almost be ready to finish your assignment, only consolidating and blessing the name of the Lord. There are few people who were able to demonstrate that in their lifetime, one of them was Billy Graham, a man who finished his assignment and was still alive to turn back, everyone knew that this man had finished his assignment.
Genesis 41:37-55
Seven years of plenty can end. Church Gist. When you see people whose results don’t change and it looks like they are ever rising, it’s not because this law does not apply to them, they have followed the advice of Joseph, so even when there is famine, there is still rainy season in their lives and you are wondering, is this rainy season universal? No, they created their own Goshen out of Egypt.
What was the advice of Joseph?
The advice of Joseph was: Save and invest. Save what? The first thing to save is time, not things; you have not really saved if all you save are things. The most precious commodity to save and to invest is time, if you lose time and you have money, record it as a lost. His advice was save twenty per cent of those seasons and begin to invest those seasons for the dark days . You cannot stop the season but you can shield and inhumane yourself to a point that you and all who are connected to you will not even know the dry season.
What do you do during these seasons of opportunities?

We use them to build capacity. Your first assignment during seasons of plenty, abundance and ease is capacity (2 Kings 4:1-6). When you have seasons of opportunities, season of your youthfulness; maximize those seasons to build capacity; spiritual capacity, intellectual capacity. Invest in your prayer and your word life.

Build quality relationships (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). During your seasons of plenty, that is the time to pray in the Spirit and say Lord, bring destiny relationships, quality people who love me because of me into my life. Can I tell you this? Woe betides a man who is full of men but does not have relationship. When Jesus was on His way to Golgotha, where were all the people who received miracles from His Crusades, those who ate five loaves and two fishes, were where they?
Do not let circumstances choose your relationships. Choose your own relationships with understanding, sit down with the Word and with the Spirit of wisdom and ask yourself, what kind of destiny do I desire? Not everybody is greedy, there are sincere people; they are hard to find but pay the price to find them.
Let me ask an honest question; is there someone in your life, you can honestly call for help no matter what time of the day or night and they will get up and respond to you? If you don’t have such a person, your life is in danger now. There are many of us here right now, the reason why you are almost dieing of depression is because there is no body in your life who can stand and say let’s pray; I came to spend the whole weekend with you because I heard that you were bereaved. I cancelled all my programs and you say why did you do that, “because of love. To let you know that there are still Genuine people”. Genuine people are scarce; They are like gold. Pay the price to find them early. If you have the wealth of men, genuine men who love Jesus and love you, you are wealthy indeed. Build powerful relationships.
Do you know that your name can be a key or padlock, your lifetime is what decides it. I forbid your name from becoming a padlock in the name of Jesus.
Be careful how you treat people. One day the person you are looking down on, you will open the door of an office and you will see him sitting down and he will say welcome. There are many people today who are surrounded by men and women who can help them. Can I tell you, when you find out that a man is close to many helpers and yet nobody is helping him, don’t be too quick to conclude that the helpers are bad people. Ask questions, what happened?
Let people qualify for access to your destiny, don’t open up the gates of your destiny to just everybody. Love everybody but don’t relate with everybody. Association is not by force. Choose it with respect to God’s agenda and your destiny and beware of people who want to be your friends without changing their values. Be careful!
Beware of people who do not respect your values and yet wants relationship with you, they may be sincere but they are dangerous people.
3). Selflessly invest in blessing and transforming as many lives (1 Samuel 22:1-2, 2 Samuel 23:8-17).
Don’t expect loyalty from anybody you did not invest in. Don’t appear in people’s future and claim a space in their lives. Church Gist. There are many people today who have not invested in building anybody, you just gathered successful people and you want to claim their lives. No Sir. If you were there during their dark days, they will remember you in glory. Every opportunity God gives you, invest in someone.
Visionary leaders do not maintain followers, they turn followers to leaders and further turn those leaders to agents of change. Do not allow a generation pass without having your investment represented there. Church Gist,The key to transgenerational relevance is; just don’t impact a generation, grow with that generation. They may not reward you but invest sincerely. A day will come when the president of nations will be the fruit of your apostleship, impact them sincerely and watch them grow. Their honour and their lifting is what will keep you up.
God does not throw people. He lifts people. Everything lifted is lifted because it is connected to the ground. Anything that floats in the air will come down. You will reap what you sow not where you sowed.
I heard a man of God say this: it is better to be kind that to be right. There are many times you will need to prefer kindness than being right. Right does not always mean success or victory but kind will always mean victory.
4). Study and carefully follow those who have maintained relevance through seasons. (Hebrews 6:12). Church Gist. Every time I have the honour of speaking to any of our Fathers or mentors or senior people whether in ministry, in life who have gone ahead me, I don’t approach them as Apostle Joshua Selman, I go there like a sponge, like an ignorant person, ready to learn wisdom and my goodness, sometimes in five minutes they will tell you something that will define the next ten years of your life.
Let me give you an advice, when you stand before greatness, don’t contribute; listen and learn. Whenever you stand before greatness, minimise contribution,be a listener: it is a secret of receiving from the greats. Everytime results are consistent, it means they happened by laws. Consistent results are proof that you have gained mastery.
What is the conclusion; Lamentations 3:27.
There is timing, everytime is not the most convenient time.
Everytime God gives you an opportunity to serve, He gives you an opportunity to learn, don’t waste it. You will not always be a student, one day you will be a lecturer yourself but make sure whilst you are a student, you look beyond the lecturer’s limitations and learn what you need to learn.
I thank God today for the lessons and the privilege and the opportunities that He granted to learn. Church Gist. Some of the people who God used to teach me were harsh people, it was as if they were minimising the information. Can you endure so that you will learn and be built?
Learn to honour everyone ahead of you. They didn’t get there by luck. Just because you don’t understand how they got there, when you see consistent result, respect it. Church Gist.Sometimes this idea of new school and old school is why people go down. The Bible says remove not the ancient landmark. Don’t change what works.
I tell you the truth by the God of Heaven, the season you are in now, no matter what you think about, that season will not remain like that. Your victory will remain, but seasons will change. If you obey the advice of Joseph, your season can always remain rainy and bright.
There are parents today who can go to be with the Lord in joy because they took advantage of the seasons before them and they built something worthwhile. To the young, you have time; look for wisdom. Church Gist.To the old, you have wisdom; please don’t die with it, let the young receive. When God wants to help young men, He takes the wisdom of the old and adds it to the time of the young, that’s how He blesses them.
You may not be able to do anything about yesterday, but you can begin today to be intentional about your life; intentional about everything you are doing. Some of you who are in ministry may need to take a break and go and settle down and learn how these things works rather than repeating mistakes and failures forever. The moment you find out that your life is not producing consistent results, do not be ashame to stop what you are doing and learn. You still have time to learn.
There are many of you who are crying because you have lost seasons, can I tell you this? You may not be able to do anything about yesterday but you can do something about today. Church Gist.There are some of you whilst you are sitting right now, you should go back quickly and look for a further certification because you have two more years left, don’t allow that door to close, remember your destiny is with kings. Joseph you are only in a prison for a while, don’t let the prison life put you down. Just because you were relevant yesterday does not mean you will be relevant tomorrow.
Hear me men of God, in the next five, ten years, the dynamics of ministry will not be the way it is right now, sincerity will not be the only key to lead; you need to hear the voice of His majesty telling you this is going to be the way ministry will be like. Church Gist.Businessmen, you may be doing well today but the next ten years will not be the way it is now. Life is in cycles, you must master the cycle of your season and then the moment you are in a season of greatness, build capacity; build relationships, raise men, follow the great.
Please rise up on your feet.


Lord show me mercy and help me to maximize the seasons of my life; to maximize the seasons of my days

Lord I repent for insulting the credibility and the track record and the consistency of those who have gone ahead of me, now I am in their shoes and I see.

Pray for these four keys in your life; Lord I reject laziness. I receive grace to burn my candles in the night, I receive grace to buy the books and study them, I receive grace to submit to mentorship, I receive grace to be diligent, to build capacity.

Lord bring strategic relationships into my life. Connect me to genuine destiny relationships; relationship that builds that I will draw from in the times of need.

Lord let me not only be a receiver, let me raise men. The men you are raising is your real wealth.

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