“There Was A Time In My Life, Every Night Demons Will Come and Press Me”-Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Have you paid attention to look at your life…what of the hardship…
the explainable hardship that is in our lives.?
Hardship!!!, there’s no ease at all no matter what you do.
You’re brilliant… you’re educated. You started working…., by 23…you already had PhD…yet nothing is happening.
That’s the finger of Satan.

And for many of us we have seen it in dreams.. but you see it in dreams and get up and say no no no… don’t worry. let me just ignore it. I don’t think anything is right.
Some of you cannot go to bed in the night…
I have shared with you my story…., when I would go to bed in the night and demons would come to press me..as a man of God ooo..
I’m not saying as an unbeliever….filled with the holy spirit and these demons will not respect this anointing.

I would go to bed in the night and these demons would come and press me.
I would shout Jesus like I was told to shout. Not one time did Jesus drive them.
That means something is wrong because the Bible cannot lie.
There is something we need to know. When the Lord showed me…
I was free

And my assignment is that God will open your eyes… so that you will see…
Some of you will be surprised… that after these series, all the 7 jobless people in one month will get jobs like that..
So you will now know. That until deliverance happens upon Mount Zion, there’s no possessing of anything.

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