How Many Hours A Day Kathryn Kuhlman Prayed

Kathryn kulhman
Kathryn kulhman

“When asked on one occasion, how many hours a day she spent in prayer, I heard Kathryn reply,
“I pray all the time, because if I limited the Holy Spirit to a certain number of hours a day, I would be in danger of using Him for my own purpose. If, for instance, I spent one hour a day in prayer, I would expect the Holy Spirit to reward me for that hour.

I would begin to feel that it was that hour in prayer that caused the “anointing” in the meeting. No, I cannot use the Holy Spirit in that way. I must practice His presence all of the time.”
It was not uncommon for Kathryn to walk and pray and hold intermittent conversations all within a few minutes. Kathryn’s life was one of 24-hour-a-day relationship with Jesus.
She had no success formulas, no methods or techniques; she just walked, talked, and lived as a powerful woman in the service of her God.”

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