Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Praise the name of the Lord.

Father, let tonight be my night in the name of Jesus.
Philippians 4:6
Father, tonight we are here again, we worship You, we honour You, we believe in You. Jesus, You are the Son of the living God and we are here because we believe this is true. We adore You and we worship You.
Thank You Jesus. Thank You for the mighty miracles tonight. Thank You for the testimonies. Who comes to You and goes back the same? Do the sick come and remain the same, do the oppressed come and remain the same? You are the God of Heaven and we honour You. Church Gist. We’ll continue to make the Nation’s know that You are dependable. We will continue to sing Your praises, the praises of Your wonder working power in the midst of Your people. We will teach one generation to declare Your praise to another until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth like the waters.
Tonight, we come to You with full assurance and expectation, knowing that You are able and You are not only able, You are willing. Thank You Jesus. Help us tonight and as always, let Jesus be glorified in this place.
Amen and amen.

Welcome to our miracle Service for the month of August in the name of Jesus. God bless You.
The power of God will always flow for as long as the conditions are kept, there is no depletion. As humans everytime we use our energy or our strength, there has to be a system of renewal. Church Gist. God does not need renewal, there has never been any mention of God needing a time of retreat for renewal of strength. The Bible says, as thou not heard, as thou not know; the everlasting God, the Lord Creator of the ends of the earth that He faints not neither is He weary and then it says there is no searching of His understanding.

2 Corinthians 4:18
Paul was teaching the Church in Corinth and this is what he said to them, that there are two dimensions of realities; there are things that are seen and there are things that are unseen. So we have things that are seen and we have things that are unseen. Either ways, He never says that the things that are unseen are unreal.
Just because the optical eyes cannot see them or it has not yet manifested in this three dimensional realm and then there are things that are unseen and Paul gives us an information that is very comforting and instructive: for the things that are seen are temporal but the things which are not seen are eternal. What does that mean? That means that everything you see is merely a child, the real mother that brought that child is in the realm of the Spirit.

Everything you see, Paul is speaking now, provided it is an experience that has come to this realm, He said there is a possibility of changing it. This is a very comforting scripture because it then means that any outcome that is currently at work in my life, that may be unpleasant or inconsistent with God’s character that under a certain condition, I can change that reality by looking at a reality from the unseen realm and bringing it to superimposed it on this realm. So I can see sickness, I can see poverty, I can see failure, even if I cannot do anything about it, the first message of hope is that it can change.

Listen, it is dangerous to be in a situation where you know nothing can be done about it. That means, condition sponsors transformation. If you are not science based, I apologize but science, physics teaches us that matter can change state. An example is water; you can have water in three states, it is still water but there is a condition. Church Gist. The condition that makes for ice if it remains, will remain ice forever but that you can actually change the condition. You don’t need to touch the water, just change the condition and it can change its state. That means that if your situation remains the way it is, it is because there is a condition that makes it conducive.

Now, the assignment of the power of God is not just to touch the situation but to create another atmosphere. Conditions change outcomes; when a condition is set, outcomes can change. Everything depends on conditions, so when doctors and research experts have spent years, decades, centuries studying the human body for instance and studying the conditions that become conducive for certain sicknesses and it is based on the knowledge of those conditions, they have designed drugs, all kind of things so that when they inject it into your body, the drug begin to alter the condition that makes that organism conducive there.

There is a condition that keeps poverty conducive, there is a condition that keeps sickness, failure, retrogression and once that condition changes, I am explaining to you what Paul is saying that your focus should not only be on outcomes, every outcome is dependent on conditions.
Why do you call a sinner a sinner? A sinner is not a sinner because of his body or colour; there is a spiritual condition that that person is in. When the person get saved, what is salvation? You have changed the condition of that person too. This is powerful.

I am drumming something in your mind tonight that everything can change under specific conditions.
Watch this, if a growth begins to come out of my body here, the swelling that increases, does it come outside of me? Where did that swelling come from? If the swelling goes down, where did it go to? I am not talking about a surgical procedure that remove it that you have a boil and then the doctor gives you an injection and you keep watching and it keeps going down, what was responsible for the decrease? The two authority that helps us in knowledge is faith and science and both of them agree that under certain conditions, things can change.

Human beings are largely victims of conditions. What does it mean to be cursed? Look at this; if I say I curse this gentleman, what did I do ? Did I remove his clothes, change his name, change his complexion? What did I do? I programmed a condition and we call that condition a curse. Church Gist. So this man is walking physically but he is under the influence of a condition and this condition has been authorised to make certain things happen and certain thing not to happen. So anything that is evil and that can destroy him, the condition has been programmed to call it and welcome it. Anything that can bless him, the condition has been created to drive it away. So we find a name for the condition; bad luck or whatever it is. So if I bless him, did I change the colour of his skin, name or speech? I introduce a condition, a program in that condition is the ability to drive certain things. All of the names we call good things are simply ways of identifying conditions.

What is favour? A condition where pleasantness, help of men come to you. If you know this, then you really understand the assignment of the Word of God because when the Word of God begin to work with the anointing, the first thing the Word of God in partnership with the anointing does is to scan the conditions of a man’s life because it know that every outcome is not so much about the devil, demons are also expert in creating conditions. When they create those conditions, they defend those conditions to make sure that the victim remains in that state.
So transformation only happens when you create the enabling conditions. The Bible lets us know that principally speaking, the agency that is responsible for creating or altering conditions are words. The Bible lets us know that no word is empty; words are not just speaking in the air, every word spoken by men animal or beast, it carries a level of energy or power in it and there are certain conditions it can change.

Proverbs 18:21
If a man speaks, there is something that word can do, there are other things it cannot do. There is no word spoken that is barren (Matthew 12:37). All words carry a certain degree of energy. How does a judge vindicate someone? The judge sits in a position and makes a decree, just one word; you are acquitted or you are guilty. Somebody can literally be sentenced to death who is ten times stronger than the person who is speaking but one word, you are hereby sentence to 30 years in prison and for the next 30 years, you will not have the opportunity to see the world as you know it because the word, not from God, not from secret; the word from a man backed up by an institution and one word coming from the Judge.

Every man’s condition remains the same until word come into your life regarding that condition. Words change people’s outcome by changing the conditions. All words carry a degree of energy. The principle of changing conditions are words.
The Word of God is powerful because every word carries the power of God. A judge’s power does not carry a doctor’s power. The reason why we call the words that come from God the Word of God is because:
a). It comes from Him, a revelation of His thoughts.
b). It is backed up with His power.
For you to know how powerful the Word of God is, you must know God because the Word of God is a representation of the power of God. What condition can He not change?
The hardest condition to change on earth is a sinner’s condition. This is what Jesus Himself said that it is easier to say take up your bed and go than to say your sins be forgiven. Church Gist. So whoever has the power to use word and change a sinner’s state and a sinner’s condition, that person must be all powerful and Jesus the living God, when He rose up from the dead, He said all name, authority in Heaven and on earth is given to me, not only power over death, not only the power of love but the power to change conditions as been give to me. He said go therefore, go with that consciousness that you have receive from me, not just the power over death but I give you power to change conditions. As you go, preach saying the kingdom of Heaven has come. If you see any condition that does not look consistent with what I am saying, remember that you have power through words to change that condition. This is miracle.
Every condition is a function of time, changing any condition is also a function of time. How fast does the Word of God changes condition, let me tell you; the word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.
John 3:1
If all things were made by Him, it is also safe to say a things can be changed by Him. Have you had times where the manufacturer of cars recall certain vehicles because they manufacture it and they discovered a default and they will honestly tell you from anywhere, they will recall those vehicles. You can only change what came out of you
All things were made by Him… It is Him that created the conditions for everything to be made and without Him, that is outside of His influence was not anything made that was made. Church Gist. If it is true that He is the maker of all things, it means He also sustain the power to change anything. That is the part that is really powerful. If God made what He could not change, we are in trouble because there are certain conditions right now that if they do not change, we will be in trouble.
Imagine if He made the sun alone and there was no night, imagine if He made the dry season alone; look at the power of God in nature. God reminds us using the nature that the Maker is also the changer. He can change men, conditions, seasons. When you understand this, you will no longer be afraid of explaining.
Isaiah 55:8-11
Every man’s word carries his power, in that word is the power to change conditions. God is an expert in fixing things that are wrong (Genesis 1:1-2).
Everything that has disobeyed you is still obedient, you have not find the condition that makes it obedient. If resources disobey you, they have ever been in obedient provided they came from God. Disobedience cannot come from God, everything needed for life and godliness that came from God is still obedient. Church Gist. Your assignment is to understand the condition that activates that obedience. This is the assignment of the Word of God and this is the assignment of that enforcer called the power of God.
So when words come, what do they do? The Holy Spirit rides on those words into your destiny and conditions start changing and sometimes the conditions change so fast.
Listen, the supernatural is real, conditions can change. When people reject you, they are not rejecting you, there is a condition you are carrying that makes them reject you. But when God speaks, He said let there be and there was. That’s why you see people return with all kinds of testimony.
What does it mean to encounter God?
It means to have an encounter that changes your conditions. The powerful thing about faith is that faith can make you claim any name. So if God speaks now and say so, so person, faith can tell you it’s your name too and it’s your condition and God will honour it because what He says to one, He says to all.
When the Word comes, you have a responsibility:

Do not just think it is a man talking, no. I am only the voice echoing that Word, that Word is coming from the throne with fire, power, grace.

Do not be distracted, you must be focus God is working in the midst of His people. Benny Hinn calls the Holy Spirit the unlimited Presence of Jesus.
I used to watch this years ago in the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman, T.L Osborn and when they will teach, they will tell you that Jesus is here and you will think it’s a joke. Within minutes, you will see all kinds of miracles and I said, God there has to be an explanation to this, just like that? And then I learnt that it it is not just like that; when the anointing comes, when fire is applied there is something that that fire is able to do and it will make what was there to leave.
When Jesus appeared to me and stretched His hand towards me, I am telling you, I know that light entered me, whether it entered through my head or chest, I don’t know. Church Gist. Don’t ask how the power of God will get into your body. The power of God is not a needle, the power of God is not a tube that is passed through you; it can come in and begin to correct things and when it is time to testify, you will find yourself running to come and stand and say Jesus, this really happened.
A miracle service is a platform that allows the Word of God in partnership with His power to move in the midst of His people and begin to correct conditions. Miracles are platforms where both science and faith agree. Faith says be healed, science confirms that it happens to you. Every true miracle must have a scientific expression because they are the two platforms that explain man and the occurrences in our cosmos. Faith takes care of the realm of the Spirit and the supernatural, science gives interpretation and meaning to what happen in our physical environment. None of them is anti- God in itself. Z
My assignment tonight is to work in partnership with the ministry of the Word and the ministry of the Spirit to engineer this transformation by turning the conditions in your life around and this by the grace of God will be faithfully done tonight.
Are you ready? Please rise up on your feet.

Insist tonight through prayers that the conditions that you see in your life are temporal.

Father, not just only me but everyone connected to me is delivered in the Name of Jesus.

I am free by the power of the Holy Ghost from everything that tied me down.
Please be sensitive to divine instruction. Under the influence of the Spirit, there are many things that don’t make sense but in the childlikeness of the Gospel, Romans 15:19 – the Gospel is not fully preached until there are miracles, signs and wonders.

God is touching families using individual.

The Lord is visiting foundation. Every ancestral chain is broken!

Source: Church Gist

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