Letter To The Decent Ladies!!!!

Letter to the decent ladies!!!!

To be honest with you dear, it’s a great pleasure writing this letter to you because you are a model.
I appreciate God for his grace upon your life that has kept you from getting swept away by hellish mode of dressing and lifestyle.
I also understand that the battle for decency is becoming more intense than ever before. Many that stood with you before has abandoned modesty and embraced modernity.
Relationships has become even more intimate than marriage itself as many has been deceived and now do everything possible to keep “their man”.

Your parents on the other hand has not been helpful at all. Instead of encourage you to remain firm and faithful to God, they are pressuring you to do what others are doing and bring back the man.
You have watched most of your friends share photos of their wedding and pre-wedding and you are wondering when your turn will come.
You have prayed and fasted, sown seeds and even done assignments, but nothing seem to be improving.
Every serious guy that comes to ask your hand in marriage must ask for sex and you have been rejecting them all and this have caused you good relationships that would have ended in marriage.

Few months ago, you entered another relationship and alas, he is asking for sex. You know that he is serious about marriage and is very capable of taking care of you.
You tried to talk to some friends and they asked you if anything is wrong with having sex with your fiancé.
You came back home confused, thinking of possibly giving up.

I am here to tell you that your God is not asleep, and you don’t have to kick God out of your life because of marriage. God has been building you up all these years because of his plans for your life. Don’t give up your faith because of marriage. God is bigger and he will soon embarrass you with his glory and blessings.
You are highly favored.

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