The 12 O’clock Christians:
These Christians have all their focus on Heaven, and on heaven alone. They’ve lost every touch of reality. They’re heavenly conscious and earthly useless. They claim to be ‘spirits’ among men. These ones can barely achieve anything for the kingdom, especially when it comes to establishing Kingdom influence. God only uses men. God doesn’t use ‘spirits’.

The 6:30 Christians:
These ones claim to be Christians, but they have zero connection with God. All their pleasures and inspirations come from the world. They’re extremely focused on mundane matters and are heading downwards- downwards to hell!

The 12.30 Christians:
They have quite a connection with God but their greater inspiration comes from the world. They’re not mature to counter the magnitude of the systems of the world. They love God to some extent, but they never can get enough of worldliness. By and by, they become influenced.

The 6 O’clock Christians:
I adjure everyone to be a 6 O’clock Christian – very much heavenly conscious, and still earthly relevant. Our biggest inspiration and engineering comes from above, and whatever that is from above is above only (John 3:31).

Our Lord Jesus Christ was a 6 O’clock believer. He was hugely connected to the Father, interacted minimally with men and commanded great, irrecoverable influence for the Kingdom.
Receive Grace to be a 6 O’clock Christian!

PS: Metaphorically, I used the long and short hands of a clock to convey my message.

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