One of the things we struggled with is how to balance academics and service to God, our social life and spiritual life, our relationship with people and how to set boundaries so we end up making mistakes that may affect our daily lifestyle.
Now as a believer and a student in the University, you know it is also important you serve God and find yourself among brethren but what you should never forget is the fact you are still a student and you are in school for academics.

So if you focus so much on your work for God and forget to read your books, you will end up having Fs instead of topping your class.
I know we want to bring up excuses and some of us are okay with having low grades but it is because we don’t know is The HOLYSPIRIT is our ADVANTAGE.
See, unlike any other persons, as believers we are helped by God, so all we need to do is put in efforts by studying, attending classes, writing assignments and exams then we trust God to magnify our efforts and we have mind blowing results.
If you pray without studying, you will fail, the Holy spirit will still comfort you.

Read when you should, make good use of your time, there’s time for everything so please BALANCE!!
Let’s talk about setting boundaries! Please being a believer does not stop you from being nice, keeping friends or spending time with people, going out on dates or even taking ice cream! I don’t want to scream this please!
Don’t become an island in the name of Christianity but please in that process don’t become too rowdy and everywhere. SELF- CONTROL!!
You should not be the one dragging food in all the weddings or escorting your friends to parties! Set boundaries, set standards, learn to balance academics, ministry, relationship with people and you will be glad you did.

We cannot take over the world if we don’t learn balance, if we must spread the gospel in all sectors we must learn how to balance career, ministry, family etc.

Let’s talk about sisters on fire without any sense of fashion, humor or even the idea of how to respond to people around them.
I have seen where sisters rudely respond to proposals just because they feel he isn’t worth it or they want to form hard to get! Haba.
Its so annoying to hear that Christian ladies would pour water on a brother or even insult him just to stop him from coming close to them! How do you do that?

I understand you don’t want to say Yes to him but please can you be polite about that? It’s so sad to hear that some of us respond rudely to people, shouting and always looking for a reason to cause trouble.
We must learn how to build up ourselves and add character to our Christian life. As a believer, let your identity speak beauty and good personality. Learn how to talk to people, how to build relationships and how to dress!
Now, talking about how we should dress. Please my sisters, learn how to combine colors. Know what fits you, stop wearing skimpy clothes they make you look cheap.

If you can, get quality clothing that would last longer. Avoid dresses that show cleavages or your laps. Please wear modesty and wear a smile. Make your hair, if you can’t style it beautifully.
Please, you don’t have to look homeless to be seen as a spiritual person. BALANCE PLEASE!
A proverbs 31 woman adorns herself in beautiful clothing, fine and pure linen. Proverbs 31:22

Source: With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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