Lawrence Oyor family

Preparing for marriage is not a tea party especially for guys who are struggling financially. Even though it is not by force to marry but at the same time the manual give opportunity for Singles who cannot hold their bodies to marry (1 Corinthians 7:9) so it is no sin to do so. So far the lady can understand, so far the guy is purposeful and responsible. You are good to go!

Have seen guys who struggle to meet up with the engagement lists by the wife’s family, have seen guys who find it extremely difficult to buy suits for the big day, have seen guys whose wife literally “bankrolled” everything, have seen guys whose wife’s parents look at and see no future, have seen guys who don’t buy engagement ring not to talk of wedding ring. Have seen wedding ceremonies with little or no capital. OMG you say, but that’s the reality. It happens.

I remember I bought my wedding suit a day to my wedding day, unfortunately for me the one I chose as best man didn’t have a dime, I had to buy for him too. OMG!
If married men open up their “wedding day scars” you would agree with me that it’s not a tea party. Someone say “na by force” don’t worry kontunu.
See, it’s not a sin to start small even though it can be embarrassing. The wife to be family especially don’t see a future, they see burden instead of blessing. It can be frustratingly embarrassing!

Is that enough to pity yourself? Go on if you can! but refuse to stay there, prove to every doubting Thomas that you can do it.
A man of God once said he told his wife’s family that they would never regret giving out their daughter to him and they never till this moment. They are even grateful to God they did. Glory!
It’s no sin to start small but it is a sin to remain small. Am I celebrating mediocrity? Definitely NO! I love and appreciate excellence. But there are things you can’t wish away, you just have to face it. What happen on the wedding day does not matter marriage is the real deal. The issue with many singles and Intending Couples is that they major in the minor and minor in the major.
Stop living in the room of pity, get down to work!

Let them arise and call you blessed.
The beginning might be small but don’t remain small. Pray, plan and prosecute.
You know I love you
An impactful and responsible relationship and marriage is possible.

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