Dr. Roberts Liardon
Dr. Roberts Liardon

It is my first time being here and it is impressive to realize that the largest church building in the world sits in Nigeria and you are in it. The largest Church in the world is in Nigeria, something magnificent is happening in this great country. I understand that tonight is a public service as well as the ministers. I was a little boy when Jesus appeared to me for the second time and told me to study the lives of His great leaders, to know why some made it and some didn’t make it. My liberian tells me I have read fourteen thousand books so far in my life, that is a lot of books, most of those books are big with no pictures and very big words that is why most people don’t read them.

The reason why you like my books aside that God has blessed them is because I use simple and direct easy to read language, you are a great author if you never write for the critics, you write for the common man to change his life and his family. There are people here that God has called to write books, not everyone that writes a book that God tells to write a book, some God called and anointed and God has breathe on our books that have gone around the world. I should tell you one statistic, in the years that I have been writing books since I was seventeen and I am fifty-five years old now, the books you read when I wrote them in my twenties, like the Heaven’s books, the Gods General books, you can say how can someone in his twenties write a history book, I spend all my time with books, old people and Jesus you put those three things together, you have something to say. If you just go to the movies and date the wrong people, move with the wrong crowd you will have nothing to say.

In God’s family, we are the loud child. Never be ashamed of being the loud child of God, if people don’t like it, it is their problem, not yours. I am reminding you that the Lord Jesus used stories to share His words, stories that the common man could relate to at His time. Stories show us what a human vessel is like and what the divine God is like and when the two come together, something mighty can happen.
We talked about Martin Luther, John Wycliffe and John Huss. I want to share a few names further that you may not know, great people, men and women that God used in our past. Most pentecostal people don’t read books that aren’t written by spirit-filled people and that is a little bit of shame because there are great books written by people that are Baptist, Methodists, they don’t know the Holy Ghost like you or how to cast out devils and heal the sick but they have other traits that are respectable and we can gain in our lives.

1 Corinthians 10:11, the Bible is full of the stories of people that God chose. God has a way of choosing a nobody and making him or her somebody without the permission of anybody. I think that is what He did with your Pastors and with many of you in this room today, you were a nobody and you met God and you became somebody and God gave you a job and nobody can stop you. I love the stories of people with life Christian lessons.
God likes women, that is why He made so many of them. A woman can do anything a man can do if she needs the requirements that God tells her to do it. We in ministry should defend the right of our women to preach, they should not defend themselves we should defend. Some of our greatest people in Pentecostal history are women, I think it is time the Nigerian/African women rise on the national platform and speak, obey and build the Kingdom of God.

1. Amy Carmichael
In late 1800, there was a little girl in the United Kingdom, Amy Carmichael, she is Irish, God used her to go to India to start an orphanage but when she was a little girl, she prayed one night that she has brown eyes and she wanted blue eyes, I was born with blue eyes and I love my blue eyes so I understand why she wanted blue eyes, as a little girl she prayed, ‘O God, give me blue eyes in the morning’. She went to bed believing that God will change her eyes colour, she woke in the morning and ran to the mirror to see her blue eyes but she had brown eyes. Little Amy Had a problem with Jesus for a little bit not knowing why He didn’t grant her request. I know she was a little girl but there was a great point here, she grew up and became a missionary in India, she discovered that the people in the village she was ministering would give one of their children to the Temple Priest for sex or slavery on behalf of their family, she was so disheartened by what she saw, heard, she went to the authorities of that time and nobody thought there was anything wrong but Amy thought that there was something wrong and she couldn’t just be quiet and do nothing so she figured out a plan.

She dressed herself in an Indian dress, she turned her face brown and she walked into the false temples, put a boy or a girl under her skirt and walks out, slowly she began to take the children out of the Temple’s slavery. Why didn’t God change her eye colour? Because He knew that in the future, blue eyes will affect her destiny. Sometimes when God says no, it is not because He is mad at you, it is because He knows something in your future that you need the answer to be no at this time.
Today I submit to you that some of you have been given a no from God, it feels disappointing, it feels like something is not right but when God says no, it is not because He is holding something back from you but because He knows something you don’t know yet and the right answer is no, it may be five years or five days but you will find out in time why God said no.

Amy’s story is phenomenal, I love the story of her eyes and her prayer because I have received nos in my life and I didn’t like them but when time pass, I realize why God said no and He cannot be manipulated or bribed when God says something, He doesn’t change His mind. The little sister began the children’s ministry in India that is still going today. Don’t you like that story? I bet those little kids were glad that her eyes stayed black. I bet there are people today that are glad they are in the town they were in and did not move. I bet today there are things about your life that those around you celebrate because you had remained with that voice, ministry and your ambition to other places were not permitted.

Many African preachers come to my country to build a church, when you pastored here, you were successful, with large ministry in America you can’t even get a hundred people, why? Because you are not called to pastor there, you are called to visit, to pray, to deliver, you are not all called to remain because, in my country, you lose the African zeal. America today needs missionaries from Africa to save America. Today I call some of you to have a prayer to my country and you must be willing to send your best to my country, my only advice is don’t stay, do six months and come home, if you stay too long, you start acting like us dead Americans, stay a fiery African. America, Europe has become the biggest mission field in the world, it used to be Africa but now it’s America and Western Europe, the people we sold to you in our history, it is time for the harvest to come back, it is time for the harvest of our nations to come to our shores and help revive Europe and America one more time.
In America, we have big nice buildings that are beautiful, not as big as yours though, we have nice lights, we never sweat in church like I did this morning or I’m doing now, in America you can freeze while you are listening to the preacher because it is so cold, in America we have the best sounds, best musicians that no longer worship we just do Christian concerts, we no longer have the glowing clouds, we just do smoke machine we no longer have the lighting of God we have the lights that are blinking flash, it is time that the new generation know what the light of God is and you are the destiny in setting my nation and Europe back in the right path.

2. David Livingstone
In the 1800s, David Livingstone was touched by God. He had a burden and he declared himself a minister of the Gospel, the world calls him the great African explorer, when you read his writings, he declared himself, ‘I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ first before anything else’. His heart was to come to Africa when the known part of Africa in those days were the coastal nations. David Livingstone came to this continent and within one week he was bitten by a lion. I don’t know how many Americans will survive that moment. David continued his exploring mission. If something bit you, will you still obey? I don’t know if the quality of Christian determination is at that level maybe here it is, it is a rare thing, the Americans think the call of God is a negotiation, they think if I am going to preach for you I will be in this city and have this much money but God does not hire those kinds of idiots, either you die or say yes or you are not hired. Americans have lost the ability to hear and see as they used to. He comes to Africa and gets bitten by one of your great lions, the American lions are all fat in the zoo, they don’t do anything but sit there so we can look at them, yours run around and they will have you for lunch if you are not careful

The Americans are scared of the African animals but I like them. he leaves his life for Africa, he goes to a village and stays there for a year ministering the Gospel, doing miraculous things. They liked him, he ministered for over a year without one convert, a hundred years later, a man named Bonke shows up in that town, he comes to the platform and begins to preach and thousands started getting saved he walked up and said I heard the Lord say this is the fruit of Livingstone, sowing seed with no results. Ministers, can you labour with no results, stay happy and motivated? Can you continue when things don’t look well? Livingstone stayed for over a year and in that crusade, over fifty thousand was born again. Some of our labour we do not see or feel with our hands but we will meet the harvest of our labour on the other side on the day of arrival. There will be men and women who will say thank you for coming to our town. Many ministers must stay motivated. Maturity says the scriptures alone motivates me not the atmosphere or the reaction.
Livingstone died In this great continent, by this time the African people declared him African, he was not the right colour, he didn’t have the right hair or accent but they knew that he loved them, he came to this continent to bring the Gospel to map out the part by which the missionaries can come and bring the Gospel to the interior and bring information to the British government to stop the slave trade, that was his heart. When he died, the British government said we want his body, those that he died with had a problem, do we give the British our African friend’s body or do we keep it. They came up with a solution, they removed his heart from his chest because he loved you so much that his heart must remain on the soil of this continent, till this day, his heart remains in this continent. Would anybody want your heart when you finish your course? Will anybody say I want his heart? If that is not part of your experience then you do not live as strong as you should have. They brought his body to Britain and buried his heart in Africa. An African followed his body to ensure they treat him correctly if not they will bring him back. They looked at his body and were confused because on both arms were scars, they read his journal and couldn’t figure out what the scars were, they called the black man to explain why he had scars, he said, he made blood covenants with every chief as he went through Africa so that the missionaries behind him will not be in danger or trouble. Are you willing to bear the scar for the sake of a soul? Are you willing to endure suffering for those behind you to have safe passage to bring the good news?

Livingstone goes down in my book as one of the great old-time missionaries, he lived his whole life here and they declared him an African. They loved him so much they took his heart and buried it in Zambia close to a tree they named Livingstone. I have been to the grave the British had for him, it is beautiful but I think the heart grave is the most important part of who Livingstone was.

3. Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor, was also British, why so many British? Because in those days, the British were in revival. Hudson Taylor goes to China when China was also on the Coastal Nations and many of the foreign nations have abused the Chinese people, there was a conflict so the missionaries could not go into the interior of China but Hudson didn’t want to stay where it was easy, he wanted to go to where the Gospel was little or nonexistent and make it grow. That is a Missionary, an Apostle, the conflict began, the leaders told him to be quiet so he kept fussing, why is it that every great man has been kicked out at least once from a place? It seems that every great man at one time gets in a conflict and even if they don’t want it to happen, the Passion of Christ pushes them to not settle in the comfort of backsliding compromise. Hudson separated himself from the missionary group that sent him, he goes to the interior and changes world missions. First, he dressed like a Chinese man, he grows a ponytail, he put down his fork and knife and picks up chopsticks, he began to speak the Mandarin language and all of a sudden the Chinese realized that Mr. Taylor lived among the people, he didn’t live on the top part of the society, he got a little house right in the middle of all the Chinese people. Any of them could kill him but they watched him, he lived like them and when he left, Christianity had grown by forty percent in China. He changed missions because he didn’t care about changing a culture, he took on the culture of the people but he wanted you to find the Jesus of his heart and he did well.

4. Dwight L. Moody

There was a fat man, there are no many fat people in Nigeria like there is in America, we are the biggest people in the world, there is a show called my 600-pound life so everybody on the show is 600-pounds plus, only in America will you have eight seasons. Pray for America, when you come don’t eat our food it is not good, you will become a fat African. We have so many blessings we forget how to discipline ourselves.

Dwight L. Moody was called a country bumpkin, a fat person in the village where there was no education and spoke funny. He tried to join the Church but he couldn’t pass the Church membership test. He got saved on the streets of Boston when he was a shoe salesman. He joined the Church but couldn’t pass the test of becoming a member. The Pastor said, we will give it to you, we will ask you the questions and you will just answer, he said no I will not do that, if I can not become a member like everybody else then I will be a visitor all the time and that’s the way he got the title as the world greatest lay preacher of all time, he will never seek for ordination or church membership because he couldn’t pass the test but he will die preaching to over a hundred million people in his lifetime. He got into ministry in Chicago working with the children in the slums of Chicago.

Abraham Lincoln will come and visit and will be impressed with his ministry. Sunday school was the big new thing in those days. I love Sunday School, they thought me the Bible in those days, I still remember those verses. He was asked to come to Great Britain for the Sunday School Convention since he had the largest Sunday School in America at that time, he was elected to represent the Americans. They were concerned that the British and the Irish will not like him because he spoke in the country way, he was an overweight country guy that loved the Lord and the ministry was working and all the sophisticated Americans were concerned he was going to embarrass them because of how he was but they had to let the largest Sunday School guy be the main guy, it was Mr. Moody. He gets there and decides not to try to be what he is not. Never try to be what you are not, always be what you are. Say what you say, be happy and be strong and loud, don’t apologize for it all.
He gets up, speaks, the British, Irish and the Scots fell in love with him they thought he was hilarious, they thought he was wonderful, God just blessed him and his biggest crusade began to happen. Fifteen thousand, his largest crusade at that time was thirty thousand people. He goes from a country bumpkin to that British crowd. If he can do you can do it! He moved across England and the news got back to America and they couldn’t believe that Mr. Moody was that. They saw him as a fat children minister that now became a famous evangelist. He will take up America and pack it out. He lived in Chicago, in Chicago history, they have the great Chicago fire and the night before that fire burnt down most of Chicago, Mr. Moody was preaching that night and he didn’t give an Altar call he said I want you to think about it tonight and tomorrow I will give you a chance to get right with God. That night the fire came and service never occurred the next day and he was so disrupted knowing that there are those who didn’t get the Altar call and he changed his style that every night there will be an Altar call. Don’t forget the Altar call pastors. In all your preaching, don’t forget the message, you must be born again. The healing of your spirit from sin is the greatest.

Kathryn Kuhlman said ‘there is something more precious than the healing of the body, when one passes from death unto life, from that moment, the greatest miracle of them all takes place. Her miracles brought people to salvation, not to a famous name or a bigger crowd but the miracle that happened to her was to let the people who were not saved know that He is alive, He is great, He heals and He will save you and they came by the thousands, they ran down the aisle when she was giving the Altar call, I pray I see that again before I die. Moody changed it
I never thought that I will be in Glory Dome to tell you the stories I read when I was a teenager, I never knew that the book I wrote will become one of the great books in Nigeria. Do you know for twenty-five years, the highest number of buyers of my book is America, second Nigeria. For some reason, the Ministry the Lord gave me connected with that younger generation at that time, some people think I am supposed to be dead because I am a historian so historians are old and dead. I began doing this when I was a kid, when I was twenty-five to thirty, when you were dating the wrong people, I was talking to older women, when you were going to the movies I was going to their house for prayer meetings and getting old ladies and grand papas to pray for me. I have been slapped spat on, hit and all of those things I have learned how to respond to anything coming and I enjoy it. I am so glad that I wasn’t scared, I was raised by two wonderful women my mother and grandmother, my mother died four months ago, my mother and I worked together for thirty-seven years, everything we did, we did together my mother was an educated woman with two masters and a doctorate, she can run the government and get them out of debt if they listen to her, God gave me her to run my ministry, office and staff so I can go for four months and not have to come back because mama is in charge, thank God for good Holy Ghost family.

Moody preached another service, that night two people got saved, an adult and a child. The man that was cleaning the hall he had preached met him behind the stage and they were talking, Mr. Moody was sad that only two people got saved that night, he wanted more, the man sweeping the floor stopped and said you know Mr. Moody, it wasn’t two people but one and a half, Moody though the one and a half is the adult and the child and he turned and said you are wrong, the child is one and he learned something about the importance of children, the reason why revivals fail after you are done is because your children and grand children were not thought. Revival is to always be progressively going forward and not backward. Moody got sick in 1899, John Alexander Dowie a great healing preacher, Moody and Dowie knew each other but they were not good friends, Dowie sent a telegram to Mr. Moody, if you repent from being mean to me I will pray to God and He will heal you, Moody didn’t respond so on December 32, 1899 he died and Dowie lived, it is sad that the two of them could not get along. It is sad that men have not learned to design the body appropriately.

5. Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.

Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, two young men that will come from nowhere into the main consciences of America and then the world, one was Baptist, Billy Graham, I got to meet him before he died, a wonderful man, Billy Graham had seen Oral Roberts on television, they knew each other but they had never met. Billy and his wife and Oral Roberts and his wife were in the same hotel and they don’t know it. What I don’t know is how can these two famous guys be in the same hotel and nobody will tell the other one who is there, God directs the steps of the righteous I think if they had known it would have confused them. God arranged breakfast, Billy and Rose were on the elevator and Oral and Evelyn were standing on the elevator open and when the door opened they recognized each other, hugged each other and they went for breakfast.

Billy told Oral, I snuck into one of your tent meetings, he said I came because I saw you and I loved your preaching, souls got saved but I saw miracles and I wanted to see with my own eyes if it was true. I don’t know how Billy Graham will sneak into a tent and nobody sees him but that is what happened. Billy Graham told Roberts and Roberts told me that he cried as he saw Jesus healing people that night. He asked God, can I have a healing ministry like this? Billy said God said there will be those healed while you preach but I need you to preach one thing only, the salvation side of the Cross to your generation, Oral will do this and you must do this and Billy Graham settled into his call and ministry. When he died, he had preached to two hundred and fifty million people, which doesn’t count television and radio but in person. Billy Graham is a great man to admire and follow aspects of his life. I met Billy Graham

The Lord told me if I will study the General’s He will make all the ones I like to be my friends and Billy Graham was getting old and I told God he can’t die until I met him. I was in Los Angeles when I saw Billy Graham and I asked him, why are you the great Evangelist of our day, what have you done that makes you great? He said I did the one thing God asked me and I did it well. A key to succeeding in life is to do that one thing that God has given you to do. Obey the grace on your life without shame.

6. William Booth
My favorite general besides Kathryn Kuhlman is William Booth and his wife Catherine, they built the Salvation Army. I liked him because he did the Gospel and social justice together for mankind, he was kicked out of the Methodist Church because he kept getting the wrong people saved and bringing them to church. The Methodist Church he was a part of wanted rich people, nice people but Booth brought in prostitutes, drunkards and those people who don’t know how to go to church. After a while they decide to ask him not to bring those people anymore so he left the Church with his wife and went to East London, a bar called ‘the blind beggar pub’. He would stand and preach, some will punch him, ones in a while a guy will fall on the ground and cry to be saved, he will lead him into salvation, take him home and train him for six weeks and say to him you remember how I found you? You go find a pub and do the same thing and slowly the revival starts and they grew so fast that the government of the ministry changed how it ran. In those days, the ministry was run by a community, there were so many people getting saved so they had a meeting and said let us act like the military people, we only come back to the headquarters when you really need us and you leave us.
The government changed. He wanted his wife to preach but she refused but the Lord kept calling, one day as the service was about to end, she went to her husband and said can I preach tonight, he was shocked, stopped the song service and stopped everybody from leaving. He said tonight a miracle is going to happen, my wife shall preach, that night people came from everywhere, that was the day one of the greatest women preachers was born. She was so smart she came to the British government and helped with their decision-making
She accelerated not because she was a woman but because she was anointed and was not ashamed. General Booth will be asked to meet the Royal Family and he will forget the appointment, how do you forget an appointment at Buckingham Palace? Mr. Booth’s assistant found him out in the field of London and said sir you have to go to the Palace. He washed his hands and went with his dirty clothes from the slums, walked in, greets the Royal family and says, I am wearing today your subjects sin and shame, I have been labouring in your city streets that your men might change and be better citizens.

Mr. Booth didn’t have any intimidating factor with people of prestige, he could talk with anybody from the biggest to the smallest. His wife died of breast cancer in 1888, he lived till 1912, as an old man, he couldn’t walk like he used to, he loved to preach. A preacher never retires they just keep getting refired until one day they graduate and go to heaven.
Here is a quote of General Booth, some men send people to give years of bible school, I want to send them five minutes to hell that, that will make them the Greatest Preachers you have ever heard of. The people that came to him were trained for the Gospel and the Salvation Army had a unique place. Once you are sent to a nation, they will make you a coffin and then all your belongings will be put on the coffin and then you will put it on the boat and go with it because you are going to go there and die there, you go with your coffin to bury you once you are dead. I wonder if Nigerians can do that.

I hope these stories help illustrate what a general is like? I pray today that you will change because upon this great Church in the nation of Nigeria seats a man of not just successful greatness but spiritual responsibility that demands accomplishments. Remember if the devil can’t stop you he will try to get you so active that you never accomplish anything, be aware of that activity that does nothing. The devil can’t stop you but he can make you so busy that nothing ever gets done. Will anybody come and see you if you die?


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