Dear single sister,
Are you waiting on God for the choice of your life partner? Are you trusting God for who to marry? Maybe you have even been through lots of disappointments and heartbreaks…
Probably you are even already in your late twenties, early thirties, late thirties, whatever be the case…
It is a truth that it is not easy to wait. The waiting room is one of the most difficult rooms to be in life. It is not easy, yes it isn’t. Whoever says it is has probably not been there before…

But the good news is the fact that God reserves the best for those who are able to patiently wait on HIM.
Keep hope alive my dear sister. By the time your own spouse comes, you would be glad you actually waited.
Don’t rush, never fret. Don’t be intimidated, shun desperation, don’t ever double cross God. Keep calm. Wait!!!
Others around you may be getting married, they may be younger than you but your destinies are different. The glory ahead of you is greater, if only you can see it…

Keep hope alive. God has not forgotten you. You will soon be out of the waiting room and you shall be celebrated.
It is well.
Much love I have for you.
You shall soon be celebrated. Can I hear your Amen?

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