Pastor Bisi &  (Mrs) Yomi Adewale
Pastor Bisi & (Mrs) Yomi Adewale

The success or otherwise of your marriage is in your hands as a woman, you are the heartbeat of your home, you can’t afford to allow your marriage to go down the drain. The truth is, God has packaged all the resources you will need as a home maker into you. You are the excellence of God’s creation, the extraordinary creative of grace and glamour you can’t afford to fail.
How to Strengthen Your Marriage:

1. Make up your mind to make your marriage work by all means:
-Count the cost of marriage failures; God is counting on you.
-Be a woman, not a ‘woe-man’. Proverbs 12:4
-Don’t permit your children to suffer needless pain through your own mistakes.
-Always remember that your marriage is what you make it to be.
-Fight for your marriage.

2. Understand the mystery called man.
Your husband is not really different from other men. We may have exception here and there; but men are generally the same. So stop thinking you will get a better one if you divorce this, they are the same. It is only the Holy Spirit that can make a difference in the life of a man.

They are generally:
-Hardly admit wrong or say ‘I am sorry’.
-Full of Ego
-Want children but hate baby crying .
-They believe you are a supper woman; want their food out of the kitchen in two minutes.
-He cannot cook, but can easily discover bad food.
-Respect all other women except their wives.
-Are likely to make mistakes their fathers made.
-He wants full respect in the sitting room, won’t mind if you disrespect them a little in the bedroom.
-He can be hard, rough, dirty and unorganized
-Hardly appreciative; rather critical.
-They are not daylight lover rather a moonlight one.
-Love sex with passion and want it no matter how you feel about it. They can beg or even cry for it.

3. Understand the man you marry : You need to study your own husband, who is he, what does he want; how and when? What is his joy; love needs, fear, vision, plans? etc.

4. Accept your own husband – Stop comparing notes; he cannot behave like your father, your friends or aunty’s husband. He is himself; accept him.
The Scripture says: “As apple tree among the trees of the wood so is my beloved (my husband) among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love”. Song of Solomon 2: 3-4

5. Deal with yourself. Stop the blame game. Your marriage is what you make it to be. If you change, he will change. If you become a lover girl; he will become a lover boy. If you make yourself a lilly he will not treat you as a thorn, “I am a rose of Sharon, and the lilly of the valleys. As the lilly among thorns so is my love among daughters”. SOS. 2:1-2
Check the following:
-Your spiritual life
-Your character/habit, pride, anger, laziness, nagging, etc.
-What he has been complaining about
-Your cooking
-Your dressing
-Your communication or crisis management skill
-Your wrong or uncommunicated expectations
-Your bedroom performance
-Your home making ability
-Your motherhood
-Your level on submission scale.

6. Give him what he wants in a woman:
Respect. …..”And the wife see that she reverence her husband”. Ephesians 5:33
Peace of mind. No nagging, unfaithfulness, fighting, strife, malice, etc.
In marriage, there will always be reason to disagree, but always disagree to agree.
Support . Financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and morally.
Pray: Pray for him. Your greatest weapon in your family is prayer.
Appreciation. Learn to appreciate him for everything, even for eating your food.
Unconditional love . Love him either he has money or not, for it wrong to love him around “pay day” only.
Neat house. Make the house a palace for him, a place of rest and pleasure.
Good dress sense. From underwear to night wear and outing wears; be creative, neat, inviting and glorious.


7. Romance. Be romantic and playful with him. Make him rush back home from work to come and meet you, be creative. Never allow your girlish instinct die. Send romantic text messages and e-mail to him. Give him romantic treat on phone. Hug and kiss him generously, massage his body, let him be happy he married you.
Great sex. NEVER ALLOW BOREDOM IN YOUR BEDROOM. Give him great sex, not a grudge match, make it a sexual relationship not just a sexual intercourse. Love making not a mating, make him forever happy by lighten up his bedroom.

You will not fail in marriage in Jesus name.

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