There is a turn in the operations of things..
There is a tilt and a switch.
The clouds has spoken these things to me!
Now every soul who desires to be enlisted must journey the paths of the waters!
The depths of consecration and separation unto God!
The clock is ticking..
The rebellion at Mount Armon shall no longer bear substance within the Elect!

This are the sayings of the watchers!
Now Enoch must be exalted..
That ancient living fortress upon whom the heart and secrets of the GREAT KING is locked and sealed and so shall be forever.. for only men with his passion shall layhold on the secrets of the WIND
This are the tellings of the watchers!
The hood of death shall be broken by the progeny of this TRIBE..
For now the GREAT ONE shall kiss the lips of mortal men and they will speak with such authority that them of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN shall be brought to repentance through the power of thier tongue and the fierceness of thier eyes!

This things shall be borne through the sons of ENOCH!
These are the tellings of the 2nd watcher!
The seed of samyaza shall be brought to not.. for the great one as instructed the HARVESTERS to bring judgement upon the earth and to separate the weat from the tares..
What then are you?
A weat or a tare!
Find your placement on the balance.. whilst mercy abound. For a day cometh when thine tears shall judge thee.

Let he that has hear… Let him hear what the WIND says.
The keys of David shall be given to the sons of ENOCH.. and yet another glory shall come upon the church for a season and two..
And after This.. the day of recompense shall come! No more shall the cry of Mercy hold water before the ears of heaven..
Stand right now.. stand right now.. judge your own heart!
Stand right now.. stand right now..
judge your own heart!
Judge your own ways!

The HARVESTERS are at the gate of the earth.. there eyes are visible in the clouds..
Can’t you see? Do you have eyes yet cant see?
Purge yourself therefore of the pride and lust of your heart NOW.
Hear ye now the tellings of the 3rd watcher!
To the Levites. Let them hear the warnings from the heavens.. lest they become princes in shoel.
For great shall be the judgement of the priest of the Altar!

Lasciviousness and covetousness doth dwell in thier hearts.. their lips speak lies and death, thier hearts conceive reproach and hypocrisy!
Great shall be the judgement of the priest of the Altar!
These are the tellings of the Arch princes that spake unto me..
Let him that has ears let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches!
The end of all things is nigh!

© Vincent Ernest Exousia

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