William Branham was a man who operated in unusual signs and wonders. In his meetings, he would know the thoughts of people via prophetic discernment. Little wonder why he attracted so much criticism.
Whenever a man operates in a dimension that is foreign to human logic, he becomes a target by critics. Signs and wonders are called such because they defy logic.

Now back to the Branham story, it happened in July 1949, Branham was ministering one night before an audience of perhaps 2 – 3,000 people at Redigar Tabernacle, Fort Wayne, IN.
Many there were indifferent and starchy towards the things he had been saying. Finally he said to them, “I can’t make you believe it,” and called the prayer line.
The usher brought the first case who was a little boy with crooked feet that had been crippled by polio.Brother Branham took him in his arms and began to pray. As he prayed, a light began to shine brightly into his face.

The service was being held in a theatre building and he thought how ill mannered it was that someone had turned a light onto his face while praying. It got brighter and brighter and he looked up to see Pillar of Fire come whirling down until It hung close by.
At that moment, he was not sure if the child fell or jumped from his arms but when the boy’s feet hit the floor, they straightened and became quite normal.
The boy’s mother was sitting towards the front of the auditorium and screamed and fainted at the sight. The little boy walked off the platform hollering to his uncomprehending mother.

While this had been going on, an attractive young Nazarene girl had been playing hymns on the baby grand piano. She knew the family of the crippled boy well and when she looked up and saw the boy walking off the platform, she threw up her hands, turned white and jumped up from the piano.
Her long blond hair fell down over her shoulders as she began screaming and shouting at the top of her voice before singing in an unknown tongue.
Unaided, the piano continued to play “The Great Physician Now is Near,” through to the end of the hymn. Seven hundred people rushed to the altar to give their hearts to Christ while the Angel of the Lord was near.

It was a supernatural occurances that none had explanation for. The good thing about it was that it led to the salvation of many. We strongly believe that the move of God in this dispensation with be far greater than what happened in the days of William Branham.

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