Rev Dr. Uma Ukpai
Rev Dr. Uma Ukpai

I was in a pastor’s conference in Owerri 1992, we gave scholarship to pastors. I hired all the rooms in Concorde hotel and they are 220 rooms, and I gave it to pastors and prayer partners around the world.
A young man came to me that he was a pastor and he would want me also to give him a room and I said ‘no’. People told me you are not a pastor, he said if am not a pastor, let God judge me, and I said let God judge you now.

He fell to the ground and died. Workers at Concorde hotel walk up to me and said Oga! You have killed somebody, I replied shut up, I did not touch the man.
Grace of God leaders came to me and say you have killed somebody, and I said to them, shut up your mouth, I did not touch the man.
My friends from America who came to be part of the program, asked me, Uma, what did you do? It was then I said to God, if my friends could give me this verdict, what will my enemy say?

Life is made in a way, everyone of us have an enemy, somebody who hate you with passion, somebody who sees nothing good in you.
I wept, hot blood rush down, my heart fell into my stomach and God said; don’t panic, call his name seven times and I will put back his life. I called his name seven times and the young man came back to life. There is power in spoken word.

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