It was in one of my encounters with the Holy Spirit that the Lord began to give me specific instructions for my ministry. One of the things He began to tell me specifically was that ‘this ministry was without price or reward’. For me, others can place charge but I cannot – not even to suggest it.
Note: the points I’m about to enlist aren’t doctrinal, they are based on my personal dealing with God.

When I am called to minister, I take it as an invitation to minister, first to the Lord and then to his people. So I always say to myself, ‘if God is calling me to minister to him, how much will be enough to charge him.

The blood that purchased me and the reason for which I minister was free of charge (1Peter 1:18,19) How much could I have afforded to pay if He charged me for a drop of His blood.

I feel that the moment I place a charge on my ministry, I directly exclude a group of people. Because as soon as I say that this is the basis of my ministry, then those who cannot meet up will find somebody else.Matthew 16:15 – The gospel (through preaching or song) should be taking to all, none excluded.

When I go to minister I want the Holy Ghost to be there, so if I enthrone Mammon I immediately dethrone the Holy Ghost (1Peter 4:11).

I must prioritize my MINISTRY over ‘MONEY-STRY’. My attitude must not cause people to stumble (1Cor 9:12).

There are few areas of life that I can demonstrate my trust in God, like money or finance. If I say God is my El-Shaddai and Jehovah Jireh then I must trust Him by living by faith.

How much value or premium can I really place on the anointing or Grace on my life? Even a billion dollars is an insult for the Grace I carry.We have this treasure in Earthen vessels.

Every opportunity to minister is an opportunity to show gratitude and express worship to God. He left Heaven, came to Earth and died like a man, the least I can do is to express gratitude to Him.

To guard my heart (Prov 4:23). One of the things that can defile my motive as a music minister is mammon. And when my motive is wrong, my worship cannot be right, Worship is about focus, whatever you focus on becomes your object of worship.

Doing God’s will (Matt 7:21). God said to me personally, ‘You Nathaniel Bassey, your ministry is without charge, you will live by faith’. And I know at the end of time, He will say, ‘well done good and faithful servant’, not because I did my own bidding, but because I did the will of God.

There are certain realms God cannot use you when you go about minding the envelope. As someone rightly said, ‘if you mind the ENVELOPE, you cannot DEVELOPE’.

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  1. You are a challenge to the host of others your tenecity is zionic, pls know it and know it that you’re a model, a bible,a scripture, a standard pls see it that the spiritsome of just men made perfect are waiting us to join them. More grace, brother we are proud of your confidence.


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