Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo

Morning Session,
Day Four.

Father thank You again for the opportunity to bring Your word to Your precious people today, bless us again in Jesus name.
Give the Lord a big hand of praise and please be seated.
Again, Focusing on Christ, to discover purpose and fulfilment. In our discovered purpose lies our fulfilment, faithful is He that calleth thee, who also will do it. So when God calls, He gets into it Himself and when God is at work, the result is always marvelous. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight.
…and God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul, not that Paul did, God did. When one finds his place in God’s agenda, he has committed God’s hand to keep working and when God is at work, the result is always marvelous (Psalm 118:23, 1 Thessalonians 5:24).

So our fulfilment in life as believers lies in walking in God’s purpose for our lives. Again, no one will miss his steps in walking in God’s purpose in the name of Jesus. But only those who ask questions are entitled to answers. Nobody goes about from house to house, do you have any questions? No, only those who ask questions are entitled to answers. He said, woe unto them that go down to Egypt and will not ask counsel of Me. So they just keep swimming against the tide. It is important to know that our Heavenly Father is ever open to instruct, to correct, to reproof if we ask him. You have not because you ask not.
There are things He would tell us directly, there are things we need to ask. This is what I am thinking Lord, is it according to your plan for my life? It is very important.

But the journey becomes easy when we give God His place. Jesus said, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things, including finding my purpose for your life, shall be added to you. I call that the Jackpot of life. That’s where I believe, my life took on real meaning. I caught that word, 1976. I was 22 years young and I was reading the book, ‘the man God uses’ by Oswald J. Smith and I don’t know what happened, light just struck from Heaven, I couldn’t recover from it. Seek ye first, God said to me, there is rhema behind every written word and all these things that others are dieing to get, shall be added to you. I never heard from a man, it is not written in that book. Because, behind every statement of Scripture, is the voice of God.

He keeps on unveiling His plan to you one after the other when that condition is met. Seek ye first… Let me and my Kingdom become your priority for living and all these things shall be added to you – all of them, not some of them, not most of them – all of them. It got a hold on me that I entered into a covenant with it.
My wife and I were in courtship, I made her to sign it for us to continue. She signed it, laterally I have the raw paper, I have the printed paper. She has to sign it, September 12, 1976 and that became my simple lifestyle, I can’t get out of it. Crusades from village to village – Kingdom of God. Sir, I have never lacked since the day I entered that covenant. I have never begged and I have never borrowed and God forbid that I steal. Sir, I was willing to go a hundred and seventy kilometres for a follow-up. We were to go for that follow-up and there was no cash on our hands and I said, the Fulani’s that rear cattle, from Sokoto to Lagos are not born again. They have only human life, I have eternal life. What is the problem? And I charged the young men and said, we are going. Then somebody knocked and brought a seed. I wasn’t too happy, I wanted a walk with Jesus. That’s how deadly the passion for Him was.

We are still on the street up till now. We have about 22,000 people came into Church, first time this year through my outreach team, including two fellows that were about to commit suicide and Jesus met them and recover them and restore their destiny. So seek ye first.
Can I tell you something, I went on a follow- up when the vision was handed over to me. Two of my friends, I couldn’t hear from them. One of them was my convert, the other one was a Christian friend. I couldn’t hear from them; were they having some troubles, were they going through some stress, let me go and check them up. So I drove, got to the first place, everything was fine. Okay, I am going to the second place, pray with them. They said can you eat? I said, no I can’t eat, I am on a mission. I went to the second place and I had ‘away on weekend’ and the Lord said to me, He spoke through me, all things work together for the advantage of those who love the Lord. Immediately, the Lord said, seek a quiet place, I want to talk to you, that’s where the mandate was delivered.

In pursuit of God and His Kingdom, I encountered His purpose. The devil ministered to me and said, I will make sure you fall by fornication. I said, satan you lied. I said; God, if I dare it, smite me with leprosy. We are not joking here. Who wants to be a leper?
There is no man under Heaven who will make God and His Kingdom, his priority for living, who will struggle to access his purpose. Peter gave Jesus his boat and he found purpose. Follow me, I will make you fishers of men. He abandoned everything. It was too real and see Peter, he is still speaking today.

From this place onward, you won’t lack access to real life encounters.
Seeking God first and the interest of His Kingdom qualifies you unhindered access to purpose.

No one here will miss his place.
To be spiritually minded is life and peace but to be carnally minded is death. Let’s get spiritual about everything in life. It doesn’t bring you down, it lifts you up. Before I had any bank account in my life, I genuinely desire; God if you ever bless me, I want to be building You churches. The first thing I ever embarked upon, my wife and I was a Chapel. We didn’t own a house until we build a Chapel for Jesus.
All these things shall be added to you. Young people have a lot of dream, very few have any Kingdom dream whatsoever. What dream of the Kingdom do you really have? Without conception, there cannot be delivery. You can’t conceive a genuine Kingdom dream and not end up in a boom. You can’t see God’s work going on without any feeling and expect to enjoy His fullness, no.
Somebody once asked me, what’s your ambition? I said ambition? I want to hear from Jesus when I get to heaven, well done, faithful servant. You want to become something, no. I’ve never tried to become anything. I have never had it in my mind, I am going to become something. I want to become whatever He makes me. I’ve told God, whatever thing You cannot do, let it remain undone, I don’t need it.
Mama, when the Lord gave us the licence for Covenant University, I shut the door in the hotel where others were enjoying and celebrating God. I said, Jesus, if this is not Your thing, tell me. I will tear this paper now. I heard Him direct, ‘it is I’. Before we build Faith Tabernacle, I’ve asked them to look for farmers in the Church that we will allocate the land to, before we are ready. We were not ready for anything. The Lord gave the order, ‘I’m dedicating it next year’. Twelve months only. No budget. He did it.
Let Him lead you to your next phase, you won’t struggle, you won’t sweat. It will be heat-free flight. I never confessed, we build this Church, no. He said He will, so let’s partner with Him and they would tell me, we need 80 million, I’ll say, go ahead. Before they arrive there, it is there already. He has brought it because He commanded it.
Allow God to lead. Your future is brighter than you can imagine but let Him be the One to lead you there.

You will not miss God.
We were in a place outside the Country and we laboured for six years and nothing was happening. I now said, Jesus, why is nothing happening out there? He said, I am not there. Six years of fruitless labour. So I ordered the Mission Team to return now. God just told me, He is not there. When it was time, we invaded that nation, today we have over 200 Churches there, in that same Country. We went about 8 years ahead of Him. Allow God to lead, don’t let people lead, don’t lead yourself. He never leads backward, He always lead forward. No gates can stop you when God is leading you.
I can tell you this, after I have a go ahead for the University, He now taught me step by step, the way to go. I was literally taking dictation. When God leads, He supplies the light to walk the path. He shows you the Word to engage with in running with it.

Allow God to lead the way, it will be stress-free, it will sweat-less, yet undeniable proofs. There is no shame to them that wait on Him. Every good thing follows those who follow God.
Can I say this; God’s ultimate is the promise land but He will take us little by little, step by step into our promise land. Allow Him to lead you. He knows better than you and I. We can’t run this race on our own. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, Be knows everything about tomorrow. But the key to this realm is seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Praise God.
All that is a choice, seek ye first. Choose ye this day, whom ye shall serve. It a begins with a choic. I choose on that September 12, 1976 to make God my reason for living and the interest of His Kingdom, the center of my life and He gave me grace to pursue that choice. I have not had one day of regret, it is 45 years now.

Can I tell you one funny thing, we never had an opportunity for honeymoon in my marriage. Got married on Saturday, had meetings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and in those days, there were no offerings for meetings, so it is not money motivation, it is motivation to see souls saved. Now, the first month went, the second month went and my wife said, when are we going for honeymoon? I said which one do you choose; three days honeymoon, one week honeymoon or a lifetime honeymoon. She said lifetime honeymoon. That’s what we are enjoying today. Stress-free family life.
Now I want you to laugh. Do you know why I wear white? It is the cheapest thing to wear. White suits are the cheapest or you don’t know, try it. Praise God. I used to crack joke with a friend and said, you see my dress, the whole thing how much does it cost because I have the permanent white up and down that I wear. If I don’t change, you can’t know because if it fades, it fades to white. White can’t fade to black, it can only fades to white.

When God’s kingdom fills your heart, life becomes so fulfilling, so enriching, so empowering. You are going places and the important thing is this , this timetable is kept by God. Our times are in His hand and so, not to miss His timing, just give Him His place, He will keep bringing them out according to His time. No matter the barriers, He clears them.
When He tells you what to do, He shows you how to go about it. He makes all things beautiful in His time, that’s why you must be men and women of the Spirit to catch what God is saying per time so you don’t miss His timing and run into trouble. This thing works and it works by His timing, by His instructions, by His rebukes, by His corrections. Sir, if you are not ready for His corrections, you are not a candidate for His direction.

Somebody’s story is changing.
Psalm 25:9
Watch the life of Moses, he was very meek above all the people on the face of the earth (Numbers 12:3). I have no personal agenda but His agenda; ‘Go, I go. Stop, I stop. Turn, I turn. Have you lost your mind? I am sorry Sir’. That’s the way to enjoy walking in the centre of His plan and purpose for your life.

I pray, each one of us will leave this Convention with a renewed commitment to stay spiritual, to remain men and women of the Spirit, to be sensitive to divine signals and hear divine timing and enjoy the beauty of God’s timeliness in the name of Jesus Christ.
Wake up, be part of the Jesus end time Ministry. My counsel, don’t miss God’s time or you miss the beauty of living. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Don’t worry God, don’t put words in His mouth. Don’t force Him to say yes. Ask God questions, He will answer you lavishly, ask God sincere questions.
This journey can be sweet and fulfilling and I can tell you this, for this few years that I have met Jesus, I have not had any regret following Him because I am not faking it, His grace is helping me to do the little I know to do to please Him. The goodnews is, it is open to all. This lifestyle is open to all.
Every single Church of Christ is a place to be and serve Him with all that is within you. Wherever you find yourself, we will meet in Heaven tomorrow, don’t stop following Him. It is not a Church growth craze, it is a kingdom populating craze. There are many Churches of Christ in Nigeria that are preaching the truth of the Gospel.
Don’t adjust His instructions, it is like changing exam questions. His leading may appear foolish but it is the gateway to the fullness of His blessings. Allow Him to lead you. The foolishness of God is wiser then man. If you let Me lead you, God is saying, only goodness and mercy is permitted to be following you, all the days of your life. Not most days, all the days. That’s the pleasure in it.

You won’t miss God.

We are concluding this Convention, by the end of it, you are graduating as a man and woman of the Spirit who will listen to God’s instructions per second and that will be your portion.
The goodnews is, everyone that is a part of this ministry, you are on a good ground. Whatever He doeth, it shall be forever. Every vision from God is indestructible. The hand of God that began it, remains at work till the end of time. Till the end of time, I will build my Church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it. The moment we don’t own it and we allow the Owner to own it, no devil can stop it. He purchased it with His own blood. The only blood qualified to purchase our sin. Don’t sit over the Church, let the owner sit over it and watch how He will keep moving the Church from glory to glory. Jesus owns His Church.

You will never suffer any satanic oppression again because you belong there, far above.

The things you used to fear will start fearing you from now.
Stand to your feet everybody. Give the Lord Jesus, the biggest hand of praise. How many wants to say with me; I love you Jesus. For everything, there is a time and a season and He makes all things beautiful in His time.

No one will miss the beauty of salvation again.
Lift up your hands everyone and ask God for grace to remain in the centre of His will all through life.

I ask God for a heart to love Him. Lord, I choose to love you, empower my love for You, to that tireless realm, empower my love for You into next level. To love You above all else, including myself.
I will like you to put your right hand on your chest as I pray this prayer:
Lord I pray for new passion for You and Your Kingdom in the heart of all of us. Lord, let new fire for You and Your Kingdom start burning in our souls. Let passion for souls become like fire shut up in our bones. Lord I pray that You’ll make serving You a delight to everyone of us gathered here today. I pray that today marks the end of uncertainties in the lives of Your people. I pray that no one miss the timing of Heaven for Your agenda for His life, in the name of Jesus. Let today marks the end of uncertainties in the life of everyone. Lord, the meekness required to ask the right way to go, let it be granted to everyone of us. Let today be a day to be much remembered in the name of Jesus Christ.

Everyone here will testify. Your next level of enlargement will be clearly dictated to you. The next step of action will be clearly revealed to you. No one’s destiny here will suffer stagnation anymore in the name of Jesus Christ and so shall it be.
Lord, thank You again for this Convention and thank You for what you have been doing. Thank You for the Minister that will minister at the end of this time till the end of this Convention, let Your fire keep burning on this altar. Let everyone that is a part of this ministry have a story to tell. Let each one re-focus their lives on You and let no one here miss Heaven. Every trap of sin is broken. Every siege of darkness is over and thank You for this, in the name of Jesus.
Lift up those two hands and give God thanks.

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