This is why we don’t pray because we feel like.
We think ministry is preaching. The labour of preaching and teaching is less than 10%.
I heard the testimony of Dr. Paul Enenche;
Daddy E.A Adeboye called him to preach for him and he was to talk for 25 minutes and he prayed in tongues for 45 Hours.

We want to talk because we think it’s english language. Who told you, you can talk english language to a fornicator and the fornicator will stop? Your words must be able to expire the demon that have enslaved her.
Even when that demon is gone, there is a biochemical process, a neurological process and a physiological process that have been set in motion.

There are some endocrine secretion that sometimes she will naturally desire sex even if the demon is gone because she have experienced it.
The same way when it’s 12 o’clock you become hungry because there are some secretions going on, your body wakes up to food. She has been awoken to another appetite. There must be power that is able to alter those secretions in her head.

You think it’s english language that makes that happen?

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