The Burden Of God

The Burden of God

BBN is now the latest suggested posts in my Facebook app, i don’t know about yours.
Whenever I come online I get three or more suggested posts and pages of BBN from Facebook.
1: BBN news
2: BBN updates
3: BBN 2021 and lots more.

These are the pages and posts that Facebook are now suggesting for me.
I have not seen where Facebook suggests a gospel channel before.
Now in this christendom we should learn to sow, not just into our pastors lives but in every work of God.
We should learn to sponsor gospel media channels, because they are the next evangelists online.

People are no longer in the streets, they are now on the internet.
You can wake up tomorrow and decide to sponsor a gospel media channel, asking them of what it takes to sponsor their Facebook page for 5 days or more on Facebook, on Instagram and lots more.
People are now living in a place called internet, and the next evangelists we trust are the Gospel bloggers, but they can’t capture any soul if we don’t sponsor them.

Don’t be stingy to the work of God.
If Facebook won’t suggest our pages, then we’ll pay for it, because we must spread and advance the kingdom.
I don’t say these things in my channels favor, or any other selfish desire.
The work of God must spread, and we should not be seeing pastors and those that carry out the things of God as Scammers, it is an intelligence of the Devil in the body of Christ.

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