“POWER OF 3 DAYS FASTING” – Apostle Arome Osayi

Apostle Arome Osayi
Apostle Arome Osayi

The power of a three days fast is enormous, the kind of fast that Esther did the three days dry fast that Esther did it shook the government and turned things in her favor.
If you have a problem that is difficult to handle i recommend three days dry fasting that’s one of the easiest way to move God’s hand. You must have a very good reason to go beyond three days and the good reason is that God told you, if you are not directed by God we have other modes of fasting that you can do not dry.

Fasting doesn’t give you a miracle, fasting doesn’t change God, fasting actually changes you its a facility by which you can yield, you can adjust, you can find alignment through the sensitivity that is in your spirit.
The recommendation is if there is a serious challenge the prescription is three days dry fasting. If you’re overwhelmed by the presence of God, the presence of God can sustain your body without food there is a dimension of the presence of God that will come upon you and you will not feel that you have not eaten food you can use that dimension to do seven days. Don’t continue if you’re going to go beyond seven days begin to take water.

Spiritual things are not sprints they are marathon race. Fasting is something you will eventually do as a regular part of your life you need to make a self discovery of the kind of fast that is suitable to you don’t try to be spiritual in the eyes of men just discover yourself.

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