Weak Soldiers

We Christians are the experts in killing our wounded soldiers. When enemies stab our fellow soldiers and they are at their weakest, rather than help pull them up and bind up their wounds, we allow infestation of the wounds to take place.

And if their wounds have been healed, and they are up and running, we look for the scars, we open them and draw more blood. That way, they perpetually carry on with wounds that are never allowed to heal…..
How many times have we stabbed rather than bind up the wounded’s wounds?

How many times have you tried to introduce people behind their backs and the only thing you could use to describe them was their errors of judgement decades or months past?
God has forgiven and wiped clean slates of many people, but we humans that God sacrificed His only son for would take pleasure in digging up the past on certain individuals, especially when it seemed we are competing for the same thing.

Source: Deji Ajewole


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