(Caution: Ladies only)

Ladies; let me teach you a lesson.
He was the crush of every female while we were still on campus. Talk about good look? He was superb. Talk about a good sense of fashion? He was always on point. I once sat with a set of ladies and this particular guy was just passing by, one of the ladies I sat with began to crush on him. She said, “I just love this guy. He’s very cute and he dresses well.”

To be sincere, the guy was cute. He dated several girls while we were on campus. Many of the “Big girls” in our department that time were his girlfriend, or at least, his crush.
But one thing, just one thing.
We were all surprised to see the lady he wanted to get married to, after several years we had left the campus.
No, you wouldn’t believe that a whole “Big boy” of his kind would settle down for such a lady. This lady was one of the “easy going” lady in the campus then. In fact, this guy has dated several girls that were much more beautiful than this girl.
Why this girl?

Here is the secret:
What a man gets attracted to in a woman goes way beyond her physical beauty, it even goes beyond the sex you give him and the money you continually spend on him.
This is not a way to talk down on the importance of beauty, but a man who is thinking of setting down searches more than physical beauty.

You see, a guy who goes around with different ladies, going from club to club, drinking, smoking and partying; when he’s ready to settle down, he does not marry any of the club girls.
He quietly goes to marry one decent lady who may not be as beautiful or wealthy as the other club girls.
What a man marries is your heart, complimented by your face; your beauty coupled with your character
Yes, he saw the heart of the lady and decided to settle down with her, ignoring the seemingly physical imbalances.

Can I teach you something sisters? When you see a man who never complains about your weaknesses, who never made attempt to correct you or help you out of them; that’s a man who is not thinking of marrying you.
(I pray you get this once)
Any man who has the mind of settling down with you will never shut his mouth towards your weaknesses, excesses and short comings.
The secret is that, you always look after the well being of anything that matters to you.

Ironically speaking, ladies don’t like such men; they rather like the ones who never complain of their laziness, inability to cook, lack of respect, covetousness etc.
One major characteristic of a man who has no future plan with you is, he never complains about what you do wrong. That’s not tolerance o; that’s a sign of NO FUTURE WITH YOU. He probably already has a better option else where.

When he sees you shouting at your mother, fighting everyone, disrespecting elders, doing all manner of wrongs, and he keeps quiet; the reason is because he has no plan to marry you.
Many times Ehn, he would shake his head and pity the man that will marry you.
I hope you got this secret?
So, check yourself Anty:
Are you truly “Bae” of your “Boo” or you’re merely preparing him for the right “Bae”?

Source: Steven Olayiwola

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