An Avalanche Of Revival Is Coming

An Avalanche of Revival is coming….

I don’t want to go viral…I want to be Holy.
I don’t want to be church trendy…I want to be Holy.
I don’t want a stage…I want an altar.
I don’t need a name…I need Jesus.
I don’t want another man made move…I want The Kingdom.
I’m willing to be isolated when needed, misunderstood at times and inconvenienced often as long as I have Him (Jesus) and am able to connect hurting people to Him. I want to be the biggest educator, deliverer and cheer leader for every person God assigns to me. I believe in the greatness that He has placed in each person.

I’m not trying to build another “thing” I’m trying to steward a move. I’m not trying to gain another opportunity I’m endeavoring to follow Him for the destiny of a nation and a people. I’m not interested in a clique I want a Tribe!

My heart is ALIVE with dreams of a place and a people who host heaven on earth. I’m anticipating the building of The Hubs and a place called awakening.

I see….
-An AWAKENING GENERATION that has been mantled with the burden to FRAME this TIME with the EXPLOITS of HEAVEN.
-The rising of the wild ones who will run in the FIELDS of harvest unencumbered by the fear of man. (Souls, miracles & the PREACHING OF THE KINGDOM!!!!)

-The BUILDING PROPHETS who will climb the TOWER OF PRAYER to SEE what THE LORD is saying to people, places, CITIES AND NATIONS. Their mouths will be FILLED with the language of this next move.
-The RELEASE of the burning ones who have been delivered from MINISTRY DESIRE in order to fulfill heaven’s plan. They are after divine AGENDA not a personal promotion.

-The emergence of the NEHEMIAH GENERATION of apostolic builders who will pioneer and establish the apostolic bases & Hubs that will serve as the tactical headquarters of activation and development for this move. Many of these leaders will be building in multiple cities and The Father will provide the staff and resources needed to do the work. I see planes and transport coming into their hands to get where they need to be.

-The refusal to label a culturally stagnant move as “THE THING…THE REVIVAL”….this MOVE will embrace diversity and welcome every TRIBE AND TONGUE.
-The architects of heaven being dispatched…those with building plans and divine language for the move of God.

-The rise of apostolic families who labor, build and plow together. They are knit by God for glorious purpose.
-The SPIRIT of SONSHIP being at the forefront of this next move. Orphans will be liberated by the message of ADOPTION and ACCEPTANCE. Preachers of grace and righteousness by faith will INVITE PEOPLE into The Heart of The Father….not the bondage of RULES and REGULATIONS void of relationship with God.
-A people made to Host and Usher His presence and release His power.
-The Emergence of Balance Ministers who won’t only have the ACTS of God but also the WAYS of God.

Beloved, As you ascend to the heights at which God has ordained for you, many will not understand the level of dedication, consecration and sacrifices you are led to make. However, keep in mind that you don’t owe them an explanation for the weight of the cross you are chosen to bare. Demonic dysfunction is never trampled upon by those who have week spines, double minds and crooked lives.

Beloved, to manifest what’s in you to the fullest extent possible will require accepting that you are an anomaly, born to be unconventional with a refusal to be intimidated by what God has qualified you for. It is imperative to understand that in knowing Him is where your strength lays for the great exploits of your calling.

Let’s GO!!!!!!!

Source: Prince Ekeke

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