Emmanuella Mike-Bamiloye

Back in school, while serving as the School Evangelism Secretary, there was this sound Christian brother who also had passion for the secondary school students. Just like me and my team, he too used to attend the school fellowship and share God’s Word with the children.
We got talking and exchanged numbers. One morning, not too long after we met, I was having my devotion. I was in my room worshipping God when unexpectedly my mind went to this brother and I heard within me that he was God’s will for my life.

The word came with this excitement I couldn’t explain. I took my pen and journal and began to pen down all I was ‘receiving’. From a few lines, it increased to a page then a couple of pages. By the time I was done writing, I was convinced that I knew who my husband was. I began to thank God for giving me such a godly man. SMH for me .

We continued our friendship which was 99 percent whatsapp chats. He was so friendly, we chatted about different things from ministry to God’s Word to how our day went. All this time, I had built a massive castle in the air all I was waiting for was the brother to pop the question.
Days went from weeks to months, still nothing. To make matters worse, he’ll tease me and ask “when are we coming to eat jollof rice?” (i.e when will he come for my wedding) I’ll laugh and reply “when it is time”.

Because I thought he was only using style to ask me when I’ll be ready to get married. Little did I know the innocent brother was actually serious about just being a friend.
When I noticed a day passed without us chatting, I’ll chat him up and we’ll gist. I always looked forward to the secondary school outreaches because I knew I’ll meet him. I was so sure something was going on between us that I felt it was wrong to give any other guy attention. After awhile, I gradually started getting frustrated that he wasn’t saying anything. I knew it wasn’t right for the lady to pop the question so that wasn’t an option for me.

Chai, it wasn’t easy. The frustration was not from around here lol.
Finally, I spoke to a friend who also knew him quite well. And she encouraged me that if it was God’s will, it will happen but that I should just rest in God and that’s what I did. It wasn’t easy but I stopped chatting with him (since I was the one initiating most of the chats), he’d chat me up occasionally but I didn’t give him the attention I did before. I took things back to the platonic level and everything fizzled out.
I was disappointed about the fact that it seemed I heard God tell me he was the one yet it didn’t work out.

One thing I got from the not so pleasant experience was to be calm in God. If you feel a certain person is the one, don’t rush it, don’t force it. Allow God who spoke to you to confirm His Word. Don’t forget that your feelings too can speak. God is not an author of confusion. There have been ladies who knew their husbands before they proposed. In such a situation, TRUST GOD who has spoken His Word to confirm it and bring the brother.

Don’t do like I did and begin to build castles in the air or try to foster a friendship. Let it be God who works everything out His way and in His time. God bless.

-Emmanuela Mike Bamiloye

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