“A MAN OF FAITH HAS EVERYTHING” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

The kingdom life is a FAITH life. God designed His kingdom that way. “For without FAITH it is impossible to please God”. FAITH is our purchasing power in the realm of the spirit, it is our legal tender. What money is to the world is what FAITH is to the kingdom. A man full of FAITH has everything.


FAITH is your unshakable confidence in God’s Word and the integrity of His person and ability.

FAITH is your obedient response to God’s Word and His voice. Without a doing, there is no FAITH.

FAITH is a supernatural impartation upon you that grants you access to function in God’s capacity.

Hearing The Word + Belief + Meditation + Confession + Obedience.

FAITH comes only by hearing and not by reading newspapers or magazines. Rom 10:17. The end of your FAITH is a notable manifestation, only God’s Word has the capacity to impart FAITH into you. If you are not a man or woman of the Word, you cannot have a sustainable FAITH life. You will find 3 basic things in the WORD




Get the Word into your spirit. Real FAITH is born of the spirit, every time you confess what you don’t believe, it is like not saying anything. The process of believing comes by MEDITATION. Josh 1:8
When the Word enters your spirit, the next thing is to speak, begin to decree, declare and confess. kings reign in their kingdom through their words. If you shut your mouth in this Kingdom, you have shut your destiny. FAITH and believing is not the same, believing is part of manifesting the process of FAITH.

Obedience completes the FAITH equation. Until you completely obey the conditions and instructions of the WORD, your FAITH will not work. Deut 28:1. Until your OBEDIENCE is complete, God is not committed to perform. God’s Word will always commit you to obey.
FAITH is not just saying what God has said, it is doing what God has said. Gen 22:3. if you are not willing to obey GOD, you are not ready to operate the FAITH life. Exo 4:16
When your obedience is complete, the Glory of God will step in. Prayer and fasting cannot replace obedience. OBEDIENCE is very IMPORTANT.

Search out the WORD that addresses the area you want God to intervene in your life from His Word.

Meditate on the Word untill you truly believe it.keep confessing God’s word.And finally, Add to your FAITH patience.

Many years ago I sang this song
Ask and I will give the Nations to you
O Lord…. that’s the cry of my heart
Distant shores and the island will see your light as it rises on me.
This was the first song we sang during the first crusade we are going for,
No money, no nothing, the entire ministry was just one bus,
One twenty sitters and yet I sang this song.

Ask and I will give the Nations to you
O Lord…. that’s the cry of my heart
Distant shores and the island will see your light as it rises on me.
It says arise, shine for your light has come, amplified says arise from your depression, frustration, that circumstance has kept you, rise to a new light why for your light has come
You can hate a man but you cannot hate light, my brothers and sisters where ever there is light the dominion is instant and permanent.

There is nothing you can do to people who have found light
The only way Satan can stop you is to stop light, but if that light gets to you
Please laugh at your today because tomorrow is by far better than your today.

God bless you

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