QUESTION OF THE DAY: How Can I Differentiate The Voice Of God And Other Voices In Making My Marital Choice.


In choosing a life partner, you will likely hear 3 voices:
The voice of God
The voice of the devil
and other external voices(Parents, Family and Friends).

Hearing from God is not a big deal.
When you relate and get familiar with someone ,by default you will know and recognize his/her voice.
If your Mum or Dad speaks to you, definitely you will surely recognize their voices without any doubt, right!!!!! Why ???,because of relationship .
So it is with our Lord Jesus Christ ,you get to know how He speaks to you ,not just regarding choosing a life partner alone, but also in every aspect of your life.
Your relationship with your father is very key. Get acquainted with Him. Love Him with all your heart, fellowship with Him. Let Him be your friend. And the rest will be history.

Always take note that the Voice of God will be consistent with his word,His character and nature .Any voice you hear ,that suggest something that is contrary to God’s word ,contrary to the nature of God , contrary to the character of God is not the voice of God.
The voice of God brings peace, when you hear His voice, it alleviate your fears confusions and doubts. Remember God is not a author of confusion.

Finally God’s voice does not push or drive into being hasty.God’s voice is a leading voice .It leads behind the still Waters and restores your soul.

I pray that any voice contrary to that of God will never prevail in your life from today in Jesus name.

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