Be Intentional About Your Growth

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

I can predict where you’ll be in few years to come if I could see the list of the things you do everyday. Your daily activities are steps into a kind of destination.
Ensure that the things you do, are things that will lead you into the kind of future you desire.
Your future should not be a total surprise to you; by now, your activities are already leading you into the kind of future you deserve.

You want to be a singer?
Show me what you do daily to make you a better singer.
Show me how much hour you spend rehearsing.
Show me the seminars you’ve attended on “Music” and “Musicianship”.
What efforts are you making on a daily basis to improve yourself.

You see, your talent does not yet have monetary value until it is well refined into a marketable skill.
No man will pay to watch you sing off key or off beat; before you say life is not fair to you, make sure you are fair to yourself.
Your current set of daily activities will eventually become your future reality.
Here is what I’m saying.
In few years to come, you will look exactly like the things you consistently give attention to.

© Steven Olayiwola…

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