Everywhere Is Not For Feeling At Home.

Feel at home

A very important personality once visited a couple. It was such a huge honour to have hosted such a “very big man”.Out of joy and excitement, the woman of the house rushed into the kitchen, got seven pieces of meats and a bottle of wine, then placed them before the Visitor, who was having a discussion with her husband.
She unbottled the wine into a new cup and coupled it with Seven pieces of meats.
She left the two men in the living room while she went inside to do other things.
After a discussion that wasn’t up to an hour, the visitor bid them farewell and left.

Something wonderful happened?
She got up to the living room to pack the plate used by the visitor and to her greatest surprise, the man had emptied the entire bottle of wine and had finished Seven pieces of meat served to honour him.
“O my God! Could you imagine that this man ate everything I placed before him? I thought he should know better; didn’t he know that given seven meats is just a symbol of honour? I just lost the respect I had for him. Can his wife really serve him with Seven pieces of meat for a meal? I am really disappointed. Well, not all great men has the mentality of greatness.”
Those were the submission of the woman after the visitor’s behavior.

It is not everywhere you get to that you are permitted to “feel at home”.
This is the singular reason some people have lost some destiny relationships.
Uncultured attitude and excessive mannerisms that should have been kept for your intimate companion should not be brought before great men.

The fact that they told you to FEEL AT HOME does not mean that you turn a palace into a warehouse.
Great men quietly observe your attitude when you’re allowed to loosen up.
Don’t ever forget where you are and whose presence you stand; you may not have a second chance if you misbehave…

©Steven Olayiwola…

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