20 Signs That Show You Have Met Mr Right

Lawrence oyor

If you still don’t admire the person you’re currently courting, don’t be in a hurry to walk up to the altar with him or her,
Find out what is wrong and solve it first.
It matters that you get attracted to the person you’re getting married to.
Too many cute boys and girls dey outside there, though it still will not stop some people from adultery but it is one of the ways to curb adultery.

If you’re not attracted to the person you’re going out with, your heart is already opened for another person.
There is a level of satisfaction you naturally get from marrying someone you’re attracted to.
When you find it very difficult to like anything about him or her, I don’t think it is advisable to move on.

The truth is that, you can’t pretend for long, it’s just a matter of time.
The moment you see the kind of person you admire, something leaps within you…
So, what should you do if you realize that you’re not attracted to the one you believe to be God’s will for you?
First, be sincere to yourself, why are you not attracted to him in the first place?
Don’t deceive yourself at all, just be sincere.

Maybe you already have someone in mind and the guy who came was never your picture perfect.
Maybe he or she only has little issues that can be worked on and corrected with time (these maybe issues with mode of dressing, speaking, etc)
Maybe you wanted a billionaire.
Maybe maybe maybe…
If you check everything and you sincerely find out that your motives are correct yet you lost your peace or something is not just clicking, please don’t go ahead with marriage yet, settle it.

It may actually be a danger signal for you. The Holy Ghost may have seen things to come in ten years time that you’re not seeing.
There may actually be issues to settle before marriage.
It could be many things, I can’t exhaust them here.
I advise that you speak to more matured Christians who can guide you.
I also suggest you pray through for God to reveal things to you.
The partner may not even be the problem, you may be the real issue.
The only issue is that many of us don’t pray until it’s time for marriage.
If you’ve not been hearing God before, what makes you think you’ll hear him now?

There are three avenues through which one locates his(her) spouse:

Through Divine revelation: This is when you receive a direct revelation from God either through a dream, a vision, a trance etc, on who your spouse is.
Another way under this, is by prophecy. However, utmost caution and deep conviction should underscore such prophecy to avoid, “I don’t blame you; If not that it is ‘Papa’ that prophesied you to me, would I have married you? Mtchew!”

Through recommendation: This is when someone recommends another for marriage. The integrity of this recommendation is incumbent on the character of the recommender.
Additionally, this is why singles must mind their behavior in public. One blunder can cause a ripple of negative signals without you knowing.
“O’boy, na that girl you wan marry? She too follow man o…”
“Guy, that girl na high tension o; see as she disgrace that bike man the other day…”
“Babe, that guy no get bearing; the guy too mumu emsef…”

Through your association: In essence, your circle of friends. Most marriages occur on this premise. On this avenue hangs the assertion, “It is best to marry your friend.”
This is why we must be very mindful about our associations. Who you hang around with can determine who you go alone with.

Lets Add this one to it, 20 Signs That Show You Have Met Mr Right…

He listens to you.

He admires you.

He is very patient, loving and kind to you.

He corrects your mistakes in love.

He is proud of you and flaunts you shamelessly.

He never asks you for romance, kissing, necking, petting and sex.

He believes in your future and will do anything in his power to ensure you fulfil destiny.

He supports your vision.

You are in his future plans. He really desires to marry you.

He is generous. He gives when he has.

You love him too.

You admire him -a lot.

You respect him and loves to listen to him and understand him.

You have peace of mind and joy each time you are with him.

His thought floods you with peace.

You believe in his vision and you are both actively working together to make it happen.

You have compassion for him.

You ignore other men and focus on him only.

You share same chemistry.

You joyfully look forward to being his wife.

The Lord continually break the bread that our eyes might be opened to spiritual realities. Grace and peace be multiplied unto your spirits.

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