AD:Getting A Home Made Easy With Chesed Homes

Do you know?

Chesed Homes is a real estate and facility management company that is established for the purpose of satisfying one of the basic human wants in the areas of Shelter and comfort.

However, not that alone we provide opportunities for people to invest in real estate business with the guarantee of minimal or no risks. In the facility management area, we professionally manage the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations, who need our services. We enable you to be home-away-from-home when you book our shortlets for a short stay, vacation, honeymoon, bridal and baby showers, business purposes and etc.

To state further Chesed Homes is a subsidiary of Chesed Group while Shortlets by Chased is an arm of chesed homes. Likewise Chesed Agro Nigeria Limited is a company founded for the purpose of producing and using plants in agriculture for food, fuel, fiber, recreation, and land restoration using science and technology. It produces solution
Chesed Agro Nigerian is also a subsidiary of Chesed Group.

The major focus of our vision is to be the leading real estate company in Nigeria and even Africa at large. And to be at our very best in providing real estate investment and facility management services and accommodation solutions to a wide range of customers. Also with the mission of setting enable accessibility of opportunities in real estate investment and facility management for everyone necessary.

Moreso, like one of Realtors would say to deal with loneliness and disconnection at work. As an employer, help new hires make connections from the beginning of their work day. So that they find it easy to relate with you as their employer and with their fellow colleagues. Make them feel welcomed and at home.

More often, give them tasks that involve team work so that the more they work together, the more they get fond of each other and build relationships.You can encourage your employees to have a mentor or a work buddy at work that they can always count on and seek guidance from.

You can organize social events at work or team lunches. It’ll enable them feel free amongst themselves. Encourage them to always speak up when they’re going through one trouble or the other even if it isn’t work related. Involve them in decision-making processes so that they know that they matter. The best way to boosting confidence and general participation amidst stakeholders and clients.

providing the right training and development opportunities is an underrated but powerful way of overcoming a worker’s loneliness too because it helps them build self confidence.

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