I’m bothered about you; I am really disturbed.
Which one are you exactly? Are you for Jesus or you’re of the world? You said you’re a Christian and nothing about you reflects that of Christ. It is very difficult for us to decipher where you belong.
Why are you hiding your own “Jesus”?
Oh! Maybe your “Jesus” is only of the heart; it doesn’t translate into the physical.

Listen, if you’re not proud of the “Jesus” you received, I doubt if you were introduced to the correct Jesus.

How can you have such a wonderful saviour and yet keep him to yourself alone? What was the content of the gospel that was preached to you? I’m not sure Jesus was accurately introduced to you.
How can you have such a God and yet be quiet about him? How? Why will he choose to die for a sin he never committed? He had power to have released legion of angels but he refrained because he was thinking about you.

He cried in agony to his father; “why will you leave me alone in this tribulation?”, but the father was unusually quiet. Ah! Do you really know the worth of your salvation at all?
Should we talk about the pain he felt for the torture he received? Do you really know what it means to spend your life investing on a people as your “disciples” and when tribulations came, they all fled and some even denied you outrightly?

How painful is it? Do you also know that Jesus was crucified naked?
He was not ashamed to die for you, should you be afraid to live for him?
How do you do it that you don’t talk about Jesus for several days and you’re still fine? Not even your dressing or character talks about Jesus; Ah!
Sir, on your Facebook and WhatsApp, you’ve always flooded us with the things that you sell; you always flaunt your products so as to get more customers. The only thing is that you’ve never, I mean “never” posted anything that reflects Jesus.

Ma, you display your pictures on your social media platforms but nothing reflects Jesus.
You see, I’m not asking you not to post motivational quotes but that’s not the best Jesus expects from you. He didn’t die just so you become a motivational speaker.

I mean, how can I scroll through your Facebook wall for close to ten minutes and find nothing that reflects Jesus?
How will you talk to someone for an hour and not mistakingly talk about Jesus? How do you do it?
Why are hiding Jesus? Are you ashamed of him?

You don’t want to lose your friends. You don’t want to be seen as “fanatics”. It’s a pity! You don’t want them to call you “Old skool”? What exactly is your excuse?

©The Diary of a Young Christian…

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