Pastor Kumuyi, Dr Paul and Dr Becky Enenche
Pastor W.F Kumuyi, Dr Paul and Dr Becky Enenche

Everybody who has been divinely connected, can you give the Lord a big shout of hallelujah! And if you believe that the connection shall last and be permanent, shout the loudest Halleluyah!
I want to give the Lord the praise for the opportunity to be in your midst tonight and to give God the honour and glory for our father in the Lord on what he has represented to this generation. We thank the Lord for his ministry that has spanned so many years.

I cannot begin to recount what the impact of our father in the Lord has been on my personal life and ministry. I gave my life to the Lord in the year 1979 but as a young man, I wasn’t very consistent until the year of 1986 in the campus fellowship where the Lord arrested me for Himself.
Then I was a member of the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship. I was a church worker, campus fellowship worker, we went to Deeper Life Campus Fellowship student conferences at IBTC in Ayobo which had several impacts on our lives.

I won’t forget the messages we heard: “Why Leaders Fail” and others, as well as the rugged foundation of holiness, uprightness and integrity.
When I see many ministers of the gospel today, and many things happening in many quarters of the Christian ministry, I realised that one basic thing has been lacking, which is that foundation of righteousness and holiness. This is what many ministers are lacking.

Sir, we want to thank you for the foundation of righteousness and Revival in our generation. And we thank you for all you have done for us and all you continue to do, and we will like to let you know that we are with that foundation and that it is a part and parcel of our messages, and also promise to continue upholding all that you taught us many years ago.

And to everyone here, I want you to know that where you are is the best place you can ever be. Hold on to what you have, don’t let anybody deceive you. You are on the right, right ground.
I am also here with Dr Mrs Becky Enenche, my wife, we came together, and we are happy to be here together with you.
Again, thank you sir.

One more time, upon Mount Zion there shall be holiness, and deliverance, and the sons of Jacob shall possess their possessions. That is what Deeper Life represents, the holiness, the deliverance and the possession of your possessions. You will not lose your reward, if you believe that, shout loudest Halleluyah!!!

Source: Kemisola Omoyiola

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