She saw me and she immediately burst into uncontrollable tears. I could actually guess what would have made her cry. She had worked very seriously for the past months just to come out in flying colours in her UTME Examination.
We had worked together many times just to ensure that she passes this exam and plan on being admitted to the university.

“Why won’t she cry?” She knew quite well that she wasn’t lazy but how do you relate her result with her hard work?
I was one of the very few people she’d love to impress by her result. I’m sure it couldn’t have taken so long before she’d have called me if she had gotten her dream result.
Maybe she thought I’d scold her.
Maybe she thought I’d blame her.
No, I didn’t. I held her hands and assure her that everything will surely be alright.

Hear me dear Jambite:
You are not a failure, you only didn’t meet up to the cut off mark.
Frankly speaking, I couldn’t really understand how we record such mass failure. I was actively involved in preparing students for this exam. How come a lot of them failed?
Well, too many questions unanswered.

My focus is on the students; please don’t overbeat yourself.
To fail jamb is not to fail in life.
See, you will still become what God wants you to be in life as long as you’re not dead and you’re not giving up.
I know you’re pained but it’s okay.
One day, you’ll tell the coming generation how you once failed jamb but now you’re now a Professor.

Be strong, you can still get admitted to the university of your choice.
If you fall, you rise and try again.
For parents and guidance,
Please don’t be harsh on this people, not all Them who didn’t pass are unserious.

Draw them close and show them love.
And to those who passed, Congratulations.
However, don’t mock others because you passed UTME. There are many exams tougher than UTME that life has to offer you, please be humble…
After all said and done, you may still get to need the help of the same person you once mocked.
Take caution.

©The Diary of a Young Christian…


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