Young minister

Kingdom impact isn’t attained on an ordinary scale.
People succeed in life not because they’re superhumans.
People make exploits because they carry “something”.
And hear me, it’s either you carry “something” or “something” carries you; when you choose not to carry “something”, it means another “something” has carried you for another “something”.

Like it or not, there must be a carriage!
And when you’re carried, you must see what others are not seeing. Must!
See how the Holy Ghost carried this my Elder brother and showed him something:

Ezekiel 37:1 – The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones…

See how Satan carried my Master, and showed him something:
Matthew 4:8 – Again, the devil taketh (carried) him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
What you see is a function of your carriage.

Please, what is carrying you?
When the Holy Ghost carries you, your vision takes delivery of a solution to the existing problems (dry bones).
But when Satan carries you, your vision, if not countered by Revelation, takes delivery of an ambition against Kingdom order. (i.e. Jesus would have been ambitious for earthly and worldly vanities against the purpose of why he came to mankind).

So you see that a man’s vision, manifestation and disposition are all a function of what he carries, and what that carries him.
What do you carry?

If you desire to make impact in this life, and for such impact to span through eternity, then these three following entities MUST know you, and you MUST know them.

1. GOD
See what God said about Father Abraham in Genesis 18:19 – “For I know him…”

2. Man
See what Brother Nicodemus confirmed about Jesus Christ in John 3:2 – “… Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God…”

3. Satan
See what the demons said about Apostle Paul in Acts 19:15 – “And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know…”

Even if you know all first two (God & Man), and you’re unknown to the last entity (Satan), you hold no weight in the Spirit.
In fact, your value to the Kingdom is commensurate to the degree of injury suffered by the kingdom of darkness on account of your existence.
More disappointing, some are making noise all around town about their knowledge of God, yet Heaven is asking, “Who dey breathe?”
They claim to know the work of the Lord, yet remain unknown to the Lord of the work.

Luke 13:27 – But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not…depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.
Know God, and let God know you.
Know Man, and let Man know you.
Know Satan, and let Satan know you.

In knowing men, One of the major questions young ministers get to ask me often is “when God bless people under my ministry, they don’t take care of me or the ministry, what do I do sir?”
In answering the above question, I always discover several factors to be responsible

You must realize and be heartily convinced that the people did not call you, God did. Carry out your assignment over the people heartily and with a sense of duty towards them and as one accountable to God. NEVER OPERATE WITH THE TRADE BY BARTER mentality. Your job under God is to ensure they are well fed in the Word and genuinely prayed for daily.

You don’t operate the honour system as a culture towards those ahead of you. You probably sow when you feel like-no consistency. In addition to this, it’s possible, you are not known within the church as a generous minister. You must realize that people are not stupid even where for courtesy sake they refuse to confront you. When you operate like a Melchizedek who only receives but hardly gives, the people you pastor know but chose to look the other way.
A stingy Pastor can never have a generous congregation, neither can he sustain the presence of successful and prosperous people.

It’s possible you hardly show concern over the well being of their businesses or career other than just praying for them. Sir, every sensible person knows when you pray professionally for them and when you pray heartily for them.

They know you to be a user. They have seen the way you have troubled and pressured other people who shared their breakthrough testimonies with you to sow, sacrifice or sponsor things in church.
Sir, just as pastors discuss amongst themselves, church members also discuss amongst themselves about how you deal with them. NEVER OVERTLY OR COVERTLY PRESSURIZE OR MANIPULATE ANYONE TO GIVE ANYTHING. Teach Biblical givings with a pure motive and leave them with The Holy Ghost.

It could be as a result of demonic manipulation from either your background or the locality the ministry is situated. The devils that can not possess you can manipulate the minds of people against your welfare. Deal with that consistently at the place of prayer.

It’s also very possible your life and ministry is not fertile. When people see others who sow into your life and ministry with nothing to show for their consistency, others won’t want to do same. Men always think of profits in their transactions. You have a responsibility to consistently and passionately pray for those who consistently sow into your life and ministry at the secret place.

Ensure to never consume every seed sowed into your life by your protégés or those you pastor, sow some of it to higher graces.

Have a genuine vision and direction for the ministry and the people. People hardly sponsor what they don’t understand it’s purpose and direction.

Be very accountable and prudent with what you have per time. Ensure your ministry has a proper record system. Let the people see a judicious use of the little coming in for now on the church not just on your body. Live your size per time. You can’t be living a life beyond the status of the church and expect people to sponsor your frivolities.

Having done all the above and the situation persists, refuse to be angry, bitter or discouraged. Keep praying, teaching and counseling more people with joy and a sense of responsibility, one day, God will send just one person to you and to your ministry who will wipe away your sweat of many years gone by.

Never ever get bitter against those who turn their backs at you- they could be genuinely ignorant of their responsibilities towards you or under manipulation. Wish them well and face your front.

Always remember that the grace that made the person is not yours sir, it was given to you on trust by God. Delete that entitlement mentality from your system.

Always remember that it’s not just because you prayed that made the person’s situation to change, they equally took responsibility at some point that activated their change of story. Remember all the people you have prayed for whose stories are yet to change. This should keep you humble sir.

Never ever attempt to curse anyone for refusal to sow or sponsor anything in church.

Keep your eyes on God not in men. God decides whom He wants to use per time.

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