“THE CAVE OF ADULLAM” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

The concept of the secret place cannot be overemphasized it’s the place where men are made …..
Come to think of it
Where was Jesus when he was 15…..?
Where was Jesus when he was 20….???
What was Jesus doing when he was 25???
Don’t forget we last heard of him when he was 12 years old….!!!
And then all of a sudden he comes back on board at age 30 to wrought great and mighty miracles in 3 years of his ministerial work on earth…

Jesus was in hiding till it was time!!!
Yes, that is the factor “TIME”!!!
Remember he was still God in flesh so there was the tendency of the flesh manifesting in him if he wasn’t careful….
Maybe he would have been proud after all he was the son of God and all power was vested to him….
Listen, If you understand the mystery of times and seasons you will not envy anyone…..
Just like the sons of Issachar understood the time also you should be able to discern seasons and follow God according….

Endure your process…
Don’t run away from training….
The stage is not running away, but If you come out unprepared you’ll end up running away….
Don’t be carried away because others are already doing what you want to do…!!
Will my voice still be heard? Yes it will….
But if you rush out when it’s not time, you might not be able to handle so many things you didn’t prepare for….
Some people are carrying anointing but are still proud!!
Some people are anointed but are not broken!!!

Some people are anointed and still struggle with besetting sins…..
You have to stay and settle these issues so it doesn’t pose a problem in your ministry when you are been lifted…
Don’t just romance your secret place have serious intimacy with it, that’s a secret to greatness….
Your secret place is the place where great men are birthed…
Others might have gone before you but that shouldn’t discourage you, the race is not to the swift neither to the Strong, but time and chance happens to us all…
There’s always space for you….
But Stay and do your Homework…
The gift of God is without repentance…

But if you don’t learn how to use the gift it might
cause harm than good…
Little wonder you hear of great and anointed people and in a little while they become extinct….
Could it be that there were other aspect they didn’t work on?
Everything is timing that you are not there today does not mean you won’t be there tomorrow…
You have to be ready to handle Greatness when it comes…
Just give it time…
Stay in your cave till it’s time to come out….

I will stay Lord,
I will wait until my time Comes….
So help me God

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