Relationships Or Situationships ?

Relationships Or Situationships?

During my high school days, I had a clique of 6 friends. Some of us attended the same primary school, even nursery that we just had to stick together.
I prefer to stay with old friends than make new ones, though things are changing but I am still one of those people who hardly give up on relationships.

I can stick to a particular group of people even if they didn’t want me in their lives, I just couldn’t believe some people are not meant to remain in my life, I know better now
All the while I stayed with my friends, they would make me feel small and insignificant. I would go home hurt and angry but each time I go back to them trying to patch up things yet nothing changed.

After we left high school for college, I lost my phone and for months wasn’t on social media, yet no one called me or even tried to reach me. I was truly hurt, because they felt it wasn’t necessary, this was when I realized it was a sutuationship not a relationship.
I decided to move on, yes we talk but I don’t expect much from them, plus I now understand it’s not everyone that will walk with you through your life journey.

The earlier you find out some people should be greeted from afar and only few you can call friends, the better and easier life would be. You see those people who will never be there for you but will always ask from you maybe they shouldn’t be depended on.
Stop holding onto too many people, let them go before it leaves you hurt.

Identify the people God has blessed you with and value them. Love everyone but know those who are meant to be part of your life.
Some of us want to be friends with everyone, date every brother and spend time with every sister. Take heed to avoid a wounded heart.

I don’t know who is getting my point? Some people are not meant to remain in your life, please let them go!
Relationships are meant to help you grow and be better not to take from you and leave you broken!

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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