Kathryn Kuhlman manifested the power of the Holy Spirit wherever she went. No matter how large or small a building was, sinner or saint always knew when Miss Kuhlman entered the building, because the whole atmosphere seemed to change. Her life was a commitment to prayer. Traveling constantly, she prayed continuously.

Before her meetings, her staff relates that Miss Kuhlman could be seen “pacing back and forth, head up, head down, arms flung into the air, hands clasped behind her back with her face covered in tears.”
Oral Roberts succinctly tells us of the intensity of her prayers, he says:
“It was like they were talking back and forth to each other, and you couldn’t tell where Kathryn started and the Holy Spirit left off. It was a oneness.” We must pay the price in prayers!

Kathryn Kuhlman speaking said:
Why He called me, I do not know. I haven’t the slightest idea why I was chosen to preach the gospel.
There are millions who could do a better job, I am sure. Millions better equipped than I. The only reason I can give you is the fact that I knew I had nothing, and I never forgot from whence I came.

When you have nothing, and you admit you have nothing, then it’s so easy to look up and say, “Lord Jesus, if you can take nothing, use it. Take my hands, take my voice, take my mind, take my body, take my love it’s all I have. If you can use it, I give it to you.” And He had taken my nothing and used it for His glory.

“We realized that the two things we prayed for the most would never be answered by God because;

(1) we were asking Him to do what He had already accomplished through Christ’s sacrifice.

(2) we were asking Him to do what He had already commissioned us to do.

These and other biblical discoveries posed a major dilemma for us. We were fanatical about prayer. If we failed to spend hours on our knees each day, we felt condemned and unworthy to minister. As we discovered redemptive truths, however, we realized that our way of praying did not correspond with God’s Love Plan for people.
We were pleading for Him to do things that He was already passionate to do.

For example, at the time I was learning about mass prayer, I became aware that Jesus wanted people healed more than I did. I went past pleading with Him, “Heal them for me, heal them for me!” It was a spiritual breakthrough to realize how truly passionate God was about healing, and to come to the realization that this wasn’t about me and my ministry. It was about God’s love for people.”



      1. Lord, I came with nothing either having anything to give you, but all I have body,hands,voice, eyes,legs, brain, my love take them all and use me for your glory in Jesus Name and I tap to this grace of our ancient mama Kathryn Kuhlman.


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