Apostle Joshua Selman as he celebrates Fathers on Fathers’ Day
Apostle Joshua Selman as he celebrates Fathers on Fathers’ Day

Men are a testament of many things, endurance, resilience, consistency and we were discussing this a bit this morning that statistically women live longer than men because in today’s world it is very difficult to be a man.
Most people may never understand the price it takes to get food on the table, the diligence and so on and so forth.

Largely speaking most men are not mentored into manhood. They just grow by reason of the passage of time. There’s hardly an intentional mentorship system that builds young people to become men so the average man is largely confused about life and destiny. We have to depend on the Church or any organised structure to take values of discipline, excellence, Integrity, productivity and so on and so forth, so everytime we have the opportunity to celebrate men and fathers more particularly I think is something that we should not take for granted.

By extension, I stand on behalf of Koinonia global to honour our fathers in this nation, our fathers in Africa, we’re a house of honour and we’re sent to the body of Christ, all the fathers who have laboured through their scars and their sacrifices, paved the way for us to come.

Indeed we’re noble sons, we’re sons with understanding. They have taken their years and given it to us on a platter of gold and I stand together with all the men here. We celebrate our fathers, in this nation, fathers of faith, political fathers, economic fathers, all who have paid the price to pave the way and then for all the men in this house we celebrate you lavishly.

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