Theophilus Sunday
Theophilus Sunday

I hear the Sound of a MUSIC with enticing MELODIES, and I see Multitude Dancing to it’s TUNE.
It was that same Music that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to be moved by its enticing TUNES, of which they were cast into the BURNING FURNACE. Dan 3;7

A Lady danced to the Tune of that enticing Music during King Herod’s Birthday, and she was given the opportunity to ask for anything she wanted, after which the Head of a Saint (John the Baptist) was given to her at her request. (Mark 6:21-25)
If you refuse to dance to the Tune of that Music, You will Offend men in POWER; The three Hebrew children refused to bow, after the sound of that Music, and They were cast into the Burning Furnace.

That Lady danced to the Tune and the King was pleased to grant her anything she requested, even to the half of His Kingdom.
That Music is still playing today, and my cry is that, many SAINTS are now dancing to it’s enticing Tunes and Melody.

The easiest way to gain Acceptance in the Society is to dance to the Tune of that Music
The easiest way to gain Recognition in the World is to dance to the Tune of that Music
That Music comes with such enticing Melodies, that I was almost carried away by its enticing TUNE.
But I took time to check the LYRICS which read Thus;
“Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. everyone is Corrupt, no body is righteous,
Just tell a little white lie and get more customers
Just change the figures, and the money is yours.
Just reduce your Age, and you will be accepted
Who Virginity help? Just a night with the Boss, and the Job is yours.
Why Stressing yourself reading all night when you can buy A’s with Money?….”

I couldn’t wait for the Full Lyrics before crying to God for help…
And He assured me through His word that there’s a REMNANT in every Generation that always refuses to join the MULTITUDE to dance to the Tune of that Music (2 Kings 19:31)
When I heard that consoling Words from the Father, Hope came Alive.
But I cried again;
“oh Lord, help me to be among the Remnant in my Generation that will never dance to the Tune of that Babylonian Music.

And He replied through His Word;
“My Grace is Sufficient…”
2 Corinthians 12:9 “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee…”
Why not pray and say: “Lord, give me the Grace to overcome every form of temptations…”

©Uche De Beloved.
Please share and bless someone…

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