Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

We’re going to take a few minutes to pray and I’d like you to pray from the depth of your heart. Pray with understanding. Many miracles are already happening and I really want you to believe it. Praise in the name of the Lord. Hallelujah.
In one minute just focus on Jesus. Forget about who is by your left and right, lift your voice in one minute and begin to pray for your edification, for your growth, for your power in the spirit. You’re contending for power in the spirit. “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself”.

If you’re following online connect in prayer. This is Koinonia. “They looked into Him and their faces were lightened”. Even though the flesh is weak pray. You’re edifying your spirit make. You’re rising to superior levels in the spirit.
We’re here because we’re hungry. We’re here because we’re desperate. We’re here because we’re thirsty, we’re here because we’re determined to contact grace, to contact light.

Don’t be tired, this is part of the service. We’re here. We reverence You. Take our eyes away from all distractions, be focused on Jesus.
It’s an atmosphere of glory. It’s an atmosphere of power. It’s an atmosphere of miracles. Don’t be distracted. God is not wasting your time I assure you.
When you spend time like this in worship, let me tell you this, you will turn back and many challenges that would have been distractions, you will not find them again.

This is the protocol of his presence. Yours is to be willing to invest. It’s called the sacrifice of praise. Then you will find miracles. Then you will find open doors. Even things you need that you do not know. Yours is to create the atmosphere for Him to come. If He comes, He never comes alone. He comes with your prayer request. He comes with answers, a harvest of them.
This is how we rise in this Kingdom. Many of the things that we pray and we asked for can be resolved if we understand the atmosphere of worship.

For someone here I’m praying for you, that the first impartation you will receive tonight is a hunger for the secret place in the name of Jesus the son of the living God.
A father that cannot cater for his family, the Bible says he has defied the faith, he’s worse than an infidel. Yours is to stay. This is how he builds us. When we stay we contact genuine power. When we stay we contact genuine wisdom. One idea fired from Heaven to your secret place can save you decades of shame, decades of reproach. “It is vain to wake up in the morning and to sleep late in the night only to eat the bread of sorrow.”.

If it is not the Lord that build that house I assure you they labour in vain. If He’s not the one that watches over the city, the watch men watcheth but in vain.
We know that thou art a man sent from God for no man can do these things except God.

Father we rededicate our lives again and we declare that we’re never be too busy for your presence. Take away all the distractions that interrupts our fellowship, the lies that the devil tells us, that as we give You so much time is at the detriment of our success. Take away that deception from us. Help us to know and see the value of your presence.
Tonight we have to pray, to receive, to learn, to be mentored, to be descipled to superior versions of ourselves. Grant us illumination by your Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.

Tonight I want you to be sensitive in your spirit. It’s a very prophetic meeting I really believe with all my heart that I as I teach you, be it for a short time, that the power of God, this week and next week, I believe there’s something extraordinary God is doing. Praise the name of the Lord.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Galatians 4:7
Believers are classified according to identification.
2 Corinthians 5:21
These are the fundamentals of our curriculum for growth and maturity. You have to know who you are in Christ, this classification is based on our identification. Are we together?
The second classification is based on our function and assignment. So the first classification is based on our identification. Second classification is based on our function and our and assignment.

We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good work, ordained so we’re not only joint heirs, we’re not only sons of God, we’re workers. Workmanship.
Matthew 4:14-16
John 15:16
He calls us fruit bearers and that your fruit should remain.
Our classification according to
2nd Corinthians 5:20
So you’re not only a son or a daughter, you’re not only joint heirs, He says we’re ambassadors representing Christ.
According to
1st John 1:6
The Bible uses an expression that we’ll find being used in Scripture down to revelation.
The first description given to John’s synoptic account of this man, was a prophet, the same John came for a witness. His assignment to bear witness to the Light that through his witness all men might believe.
John did not come to prophesy. John did not come to use water, he came for a witness.

Acts 1:8
Here He was having his final Words with them so that He will levitate to Heaven and He was talking about the restoration of Israel and they asked Him a question, they said “would you at this time restore the nation of Israel? He said “It is not for you to know the times and the seasons that the Father has put but you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you”.
Jesus calls us witnesses.
Revelations 1:1-6
Jesus here is called a faithful witness, a witness that was faithful to the latter.
There are not many times when the Bible uses the same description for Jesus for believers. For instance God is light. Believers are also called light. Now here Jesus is called the faithful witness. The same way He called us, validating the fact that He said as He is so are we in this life, we’re witnesses.

Remember that every time we convert and we gather, the primary assignment of a true shepherd is to mentor, to teach, to raise, to build, to supply the spiritual meal of knowledge and understanding. Hallelujah.
According to the dictionary, a witness is one who has knowledge about a matter, one who sees an event happening. If you get this description it should trouble you immediately.
So how in the world do we qualify to be witnesses? Well physically we’re not there.
More than two thousand years ago, Jesus came, He died and now we are proposing an idea and according to the dictionary definition, He says a witness is someone who should have been there to have seen that event.

This is my definition of a witness. A witness is a validator of a claim.
Another definition, a witness is one who provides testimonial evidence of what he or she claims to know. This is a legal expression. So a witness is a validator of a claim.
Usually in legal terms now, a witness is not needed until there is a contention of a claim. Is that true? A witness is a validator of a claim. So if Jesus said when the Spirit of God comes upon you, you shall be witnesses that means we’re mandated to be validators of certain claims that He made.

For instance He said He was the son of God, for instance He said God is love, for instance He said it is not the Father’s will that all men should perish. There are many many claims that Jesus made. Jesus came as the express image of the Father.
Are we together?
So a witness has an assignment of validating claims. The reason why we need to teach this is because the average believer does not really understand the responsibility dimension of being in the faith life.

Largely speaking our understanding ends in appreciation of what Jesus did on the cross and then the fact that there are all kinds of blessings accorded us by reason of His death, burial and ressurection and that is correct but there are responsibilities in this Kingdom and the primary responsibility of a believer is not to be a business man, is not to be a man of God, is not to be a pilot, an engineer. Many times we define ourselves by the geography of the witness, not the revelation of the witness.

We’re going to be discussing that most of the things we call ourselves, I am an Apostle, I am a prophet, I am a banker, I’m a politician, those are not the people that we are. Those are just the geography of the witness.
Regardless the geography, the assignment is the same. Step into that system and you’ll have an assignment to not rest until that system comes under the governing of influence, until the claims of Jesus is received and institutionalized within that sphere, you’re not done. Are we together?

Everybody say I’m a witness.
If you’re born again and you’re fortunate to be led and mentored by a pastor that has sufficient spiritual understanding as far as Scripture and doctrine is concerned, then you’re taught and mentored along the lines of your rights in Christ and so on and so forth and when you know that then we get busy with our lives, isolating them from our faith life.
So this is Church and this is God’s thing. So from Monday to Saturday we we say Lord stay out of my business, I’m trying to build a career, I’m trying to raise children, I’m trying to get married, I’m trying to have a business, I’m trying to make money I’m trying to survive in Nigeria and so we have created a dychotomy that when it has to do with the things of God, we do it when we come to Church, we sing praises, we fall under the anointing, we stand up, we share fellowship and then we go back to what we call our normal lives.

The Bible never teaches that. There is no dychotomy or primary assignment here. God is not Caesar. Don’t say give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. God is the owner of everything. It is either He is Lord of everything or He is Lord of nothing at all. So there is no such thing as Church and then my life.
Your life is interwoven into one singular assignment. You’re a witness Sunday to Saturday. Witness. On jeans, a witness. On suit a witness. Are we together?
Pay attention please. If you do not understand this and you create a dychotomy to your Christian experience, you will…..

1- Give the devil room to shred the other non Church of your life in pieces, he will occupy you and waste your time.
So you find people say “oh God hold on, I’m trying to make ends meet” and God says “who created this dychotomy? You go and read your Bible, there was no such thing as God’s affair and our affair.
All the people who had alternatives were idol worshippers and they paid for it or backsliding believers. When the truth fell apart, they left God. Read your Bible, there is only one subject, one pursuit, Kingdom. That was why they had children, Kingdom. That was why they married, Kingdom. That was why they lived well Kingdom, that was why God showed up, Kingdom, that was why they prospered, Kingdom. That was why they multiplied, Kingdom.

Now we have Kingdom and other things, the other things God took time to warm us about. It’s the reason why we don’t have time. The time 24 hours was calculated to be enough if your focus is Kingdom. The moment you add something outside of God’s original design, time will never be enough. Please pay attention, He calls us witnesses.
So here’s what we do, we believe Him. The only spiritual time in our life is when we’re having devotion in the morning or when we’re praying or when we’re fasting. The moment we say in Jesus name and say amen what we mean is God I’ve given you Your quota, allow me do whatever I want to do. If there’s any need for emergency, you just hang on , I will call on You to help in my affairs and now He’s watching.

No wonder many people live lives that seem to have a resemblance in success and then after many years of toiling and labouring, we end up in frustration, carry all kinds of diseases and sicknesses that come from worrying. We’re frustrated because we think that God scammed us and He used us for His agenda and did not give us a portion. They suspect He will interrupt their agenda and He will. Are we blessed tonight?
Witnesses. Let me tell you this, according to Scripture every thing in a believers life, every moment, every activity must synergize itself to one goal, being a witness, validating a claim, revealing Jesus and bringing glory to Him.

Can I tell you this? Your life will find such joy when everything about you is connected to being a witness, connected to the revelation of witness.
Now when you’re trying to trust God for resources and your motive is that you will be an effective witness, there’s no need to be ashamed of it. You can now pray with boldness, Lord bless me and open doors for me to be a millionaire and a billionaire. Do you know why? Because you can defend that desire. They ask you, “Why do you like money? It is not a blind pursuit for money, I have found out that the nature of my witness requires that there should be sufficient resources and so like a faithful person, my first assignment based on the job description is to be a billionaire. Now you can stand tall and you’re not just a money monger because your pursuit is connected to the Kingdom. Are we together?

We ask you, why are you pushing the issue of politics? Why does it look like a do or die affair? If you tell us look I just sense I’m a politician. That means from the Kingdom stand point there is no justification for that pursuit.
Let me tell you this, the condition to secure God’s commitment is that behind the desire for your activity there must be a revelation and a motivation that I’m a witness.
As a man of God, why do you want a crowd of so many people? So that it’ll be that I’m anointed. No. God does not do business that way. A witness, a validator.
Let me tell you this brothers and sisters, people of God, the reason why it looks like God does not answer many prayers is because of the motivation behind them. Not just what you’re asking for, seeking for. Remember it does not take God time to lift, to bless, to change. It is the corruption of our motive that makes it seem as if His ears are deafened to our prayers.

When you say God give me something, He not just says “okay I died for you, take”. Just because He is love doesn’t mean He’s a fool. He moves at the backside of your desire and checks the motivation.
He finds out that there is a carnal desire to prove a point, to do all sorts of things and He says no. The urgency of my assignment and the desire for witness will not allow me to invest in this corrupted motive.
Your first assignment therefore will be to purify your motive to align it to Kingdom come. Is God helping us? You know why Jesus was called the faithful witness, the faithfulness part there was because when He came, even though He was the Word He had no business pursuing any agenda of His.
From day one, at age 12 when His colleagues were jumping around and trying to understand how their environment was Jesus was abound in His Father’s business.

At the height of His fame when many of us would not even survive the things that come with that level of honour, he was careful to say “I do not do the will of myself, I do what I see my Father do”. What level of submission and total surrender. No wonder the Father said, “This is my beloved son in whom I’m well pleased”. You have become my thoughts and intention in action.
Everybody say I’m a witness.A validator of a claim.

Satan and his cohorts, demons have created systems and structures to see to it that Jesus Christ and the reality of His Lordship is not understood and is not enthroned in the hearts of men and across every strata of human activity. They have used all kinds of strategies.
Remember when Jesus ressurrected, the first strategy was to use money and pay people and say just say the desciples came and carried Jesus’ body. Satan will pay and do anything. He will switch and change the assignment.
If you do not understand this issue, we will keep having piles of people in the Church and we’ll lose the potency of the power of God and the ability to transform society with the gospel. A witness.

So if there are fine politicians, while some of them are celebrating election, and one is saying I won and every one is celebrating and saying all sorts of things, you return back and you’re not party conscious, you’re assignment conscious. Now that you’re there you don’t just sit down and say I’ve suffered, my first assignment is to recover every money, the years that the canker worm and the caterpillar has stolen. No sir. That is a mindset that is not Kingdom.

See when we talk about defending God’s interest, we’re not talking about being a fanatic. God’s interest is not for Christians alone, it is for all men. If you don’t understand God’s interest, it will look like some negative, tribal or partisant kind of thing. God’s interest is the secret to peace, to joy and development.
If you truly pursue God’s interest all will benefit from your leadership. Not just for politics but for everyone.
Are we blessed tonight.
I live my entire life conscious of the fact that I’m a witness and if ever I will be involved in anything, I have to find Kingdom come in it. Kingdom come must be represented, If it’s not then I’m not interested. It’s as simple and as honest as that.

Can I tell you this? We must get to a point in our lives where everything we do is not just that we’re believers but we’re indoctrinated with this revelation that God is depending on me to validate something. He’s using me as a paint on canvas. There is something the world does not know about me. There is a lot of misrepresentation about God and He sends you. Go and correct that perception.

So in the business world for instance they make all kinds of statements like, until you cut corners you cannot prosper. That confusion remains in that space because there are no witnesses. So God will have to raise men. He will push you to the geography of your assignment.
I’m a witness, you’re a witness, a validator. So anywhere I see the name of the Lord going down the drain, don’t say it’s none of my business, that is exactly my business. It is my assignment to walk in the wisdom of the spirit and device a strategy to bring clarity. So if I hear people say God does not heal again,my ears are itching because you’re calling my name there.

There is a misinterpretation of the Father’s intention. God says let me use you as a sample to show men that you can rise. Let me tell you this, you have not seen the power of God until you’re ready to be a witness.


  1. Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll send this article to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!


  2. Can I simply say what a comfort to uncover someone who genuinely understands what they’re discussing online. You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you’re not more popular given that you surely have the gift.


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