Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

There’s such a strong anointing released from the Lord to music ministers in Nigeria, such that in our recent history, there has been an emergence of firebrand and anointed Spirit-filled music ministers, and this move is cutting across denominational walls.
This move of the Spirit is in no doubt visible for all to see. The kind of revival and renaissance witnessed in recent times in the music ministry in Nigeria is unprecedented.

However, the enemy will not also rest on his oars; he will also seek to sow seeds of discord among the brethren.
And one of the major channels to accomplish this mission is through the fruits of the unrenewed and unregenerated minds of people, especially the stakeholders involved.
At this level, the Body of Christ should wield the rod of correction where necessary, encourage ethical practices and seek to restore and straighten out those at fault.
Coming home to the issue of “Oniduro Mi Ese O”, meaning “My Guarantor Thank You”, a song which was strong knocked recently by Evang. Tope Alabi, truth be told; that song is in line with Scriptures because Jesus is our Guarantor and Advocate – Heb. 7:22, 1 Jn 2:1.

It is well understood that tempers are very high now; lots of people are disappointed at Evang. Alabi’s cynical criticism of the song and so many folks see it as an attempt to demarket Evang. Adeyinka Alaseyori, who popularized the song.
Watching that video myself, I felt sad. I was close to tears. I was disturbed. But you see, we look beyond the surface and learn the vital lessons while we trust the Spirit of God to bring the situation under control.
Truth be told, Evang. Tope Alabi goofed – the outburst was unnecessary and such would never edify the Body of Christ, more so the song wasn’t wrong, bad or unscriptural in itself, and her manner of approach would obviously make people to be suspicious of jealousy.

However, all said and done, what should be our response as CHRISTIANS? What should be our response as CHRIST’S FOLLOWERS? What should be our approach as CHRIST-LIKE INDIVIDUALS?
Our preoccupation should be, “What would LOVE do in this situation? LOVE would CORRECT but not DESTROY.
LOVE would RESTORE but not DESTROY. The kind of words, reactions and responses I have read on social media in less than 48 hours on this issue make me really “afraid”.
My job as a Christian is not to blow it out of proportion. My job as a Christian is not to rejoice, saying that finally, God has “gotten” her.
My job as a Christian is not to rain curses on her, as I understand that some go to that extent on social media.

My job as a Christian is not to aggravate the matter in the eye view of those that are without.
My job as a Christian and also as a beneficiary of Tope Alabi’s music ministry is not to forget in a jiffy how that she has been a blessing to me and to the Body of Christ.
Now what am I to gain if Tope Alabi goes down the drain (God forbid that the Body of Christ loses one of her own to depression)?
I want to say EMPHATICALLY that I DISAGREE WITH what she did 100% but my desire as a child of God is to see the Body of Christ get stronger afterwards.

Young folks should be encouraged. No one should be demoralized. The sky is big enough for everyone to fly.
Yesternight, I was in the living room and I overheard my wife praying in the kitchen while cooking, and I asked her, “Sweet Love, what are you praying about? Who are you praying for?”.
She responded, “I’m praying for Tope Alabi…”. I said, “Okay o. Please pray for me too o”. That’s what the love of Christ does!!!!

We’re taught in the New Testament:
1 Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, RESTORE SUCH AN ONE IN THE SPIRIT OF MEEKNESS; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.
2 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.
That is God’s Word; not my opinion. For Evang. Adeyinka Alaseyori, God has turned the criticism to work out together for her good.
And for Evang. Tope Alabi, the Lord God Almighty will uphold her, keep her ministry, make her to realize where to right her wrongs and make her ministry to get stronger than ever before.
This is purely “A FAMILY AFFAIR” – it will be resolved, but while the Holy Spirit works on the situation, let’s not forget that we’re still CHRISTIANS, and for us as MINISTERS, we need to be cautious, civil and mature in our responses because many people look up to us.

A very thoughtful minister will know that there’s a big lesson for us all in the whole drama.
It goes to show that no matter how much you have made impact and blessed many lives, people will always be people.
People may not forgive you your gaffe but you have a loving Heavenly Father to run to and fall into His loving arms and embrace.
As great as the Apostle Paul was, when he was bitten by a viper on the island of Melita, people said he was a MURDERER and that nemesis had caught up with him.
And when they expected him to die but he was not harmed, the same people changed their mind – they said he was a god.

ACTS 28:3-6
3 And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand.
4 And when the barbarians saw the venomous beast hang on his hand, they said among themselves, No doubt this man is a murderer, whom, though he hath escaped the sea, yet vengeance suffereth not to live.
5 And he shook off the beast into the fire, and felt no harm.
6 Howbeit they looked when he should have swollen, or fallen down dead suddenly: but after they had looked a great while, and saw no harm come to him, they changed their minds, and said that he was a god.
That’s people for you!!! No man is infallible. I believe that this scenerio will be a big lesson for those who thoughtlessly knock and deride the labour of others without establishing the facts.

And for ministers, it teaches us to conduct ourselves in the light of the character of Christ because VISIBILITY COMES WITH A PRICE.
For the Body of Christ, it shows that we have a long way to go into exemplifying THE PRINCIPLE OF LOVE, because it is ONE FOR ALL, and ALL FOR ONE.
1 CORINTHIANS 12:25-27
35 That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another. note
26 And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it.
27 Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.
We can judge and correct an unwholesome practice but we must seek for members of the Body who make a gaffe to be restored – that’s the true Spirit of Christ!

On the flip side, this scenerio is a testament to the fact that there’s A GLORIOUS FUTURE FOR GOSPEL MUSIC IN NIGERIA and stakeholders should learn to take advantage of it to fine-tune the grey areas and present this generation and the coming generations with the finest of Gospel music in Nigerian Church history.
The Church Is Marching On And The Gates Of Hell Cannot Prevail Against Her.
NB: Opinions expressed here are strictly the author’s, and everyone has a right to their opinion. Contrary opinions should be expressed with decorum and in a civil manner.

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