So after I gave my life to Christ and got filled with the Holy ghost, I went to meet my friends (who called themselves christains but were not Christ-like)
Telling them about my new found faith and trying to bring them closer to God by encouraging them to go to Church.
One of them started laughing and making jest at me calling me “Holy holy”, making me look stupid
They all were surprise like “Wetin dey do dis wan”.

That experience actually made me feel bad. I became ashamed of my new found faith.
I talked to someone higher in the christian faith about it. He told me one thing
“As you strengthen your Christian faith, don’t stay around people who will bring you down but rather up,
The bible says “Do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever, For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteous”.

I hear people say this quote “No dey only change your self, change your friends, because one car no fit make convoy”
Sounds nice and funny but a very hard truth.
You can’t be on fire for God and surround your self with people who don’t burn.

They will turn off your light.
You can’t be fire and put yourself in fridge
Your fire will off.
Surround yourself with like minds like you
Surround your self with people who build your life and christian faith
The bible says in Psalm 1:1 “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly”.

There is a blessing that follows the right association
Remember that as you live up to a godly standard, what and who doesn’t agree to that standard should be kept aside…
When you go before God. As Adam he will ask you “Where are you ” not “Where are your friends but YOU “. So never let anyone who can’t save your soul, be the reason for displeasing God.
Your Salvation is your Priority

Source: Godly Descent

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