P.daniel olawande

A sister told me how she rejected every proposal from Pastors for 3 years because she didn’t want to be a pastor’s wife but as she kept saying No they kept coming
Just when she thought it was a breakthrough for her, she married one brother who was so zealous in serving God. Guess what, he became the founder of a ministry after few years so my sister is now Mummy GO.

If God says you will marry a Pastor, you will except you refuse His will for you as many Christian sisters are already doing, they have an already painted image of Pastors which make them say No at the sound of it.
Sisters who sing “I will never marry a pastor” are uncountable! Some will say No to every proposal coming from pastors because they feel it would be too much work or the marriage won’t be fun and enjoyable.

Ask them why? They will tell you “Pastors are not romantic, pastors are not approachable, pastors do not earn enough” Wait, who told you pastors are not romantic? Who told you pastors are not approachable? You cannot judge or conclude because of one person nau!
See Pastor Lawrence Oyor, you know the rest! I have met pastors who are extra romantic to their wives even outside, approachable, caring, loving that you will be wishing to be a pastor’s wife sef.

Don’t refuse God’s will for you because of a mere conclusion! Pastors become husbands in the house, the title is not used to run the home so relax, they also have emotions, be calm and receive God’s blessing as a Pastor for a husband.
This post is not for everybody, I am not trying to force you to want pastors but I am writing to those who are refusing Pastors because they already have a conclusion about how terrible it would be as a Pastor’s wife.

You have extra work as a Pastor’s wife to support your husband and work extra to help ministry grow but this will not stop you from enjoying bliss in marriage. If God gave you a Pastor for a husband, He will also strengthen you to be a good wife for your husband.

If a Pastor is not romantic or approachable then it is not his title but his personality. If he dresses old-fashioned, then it is something you can change. What you shouldn’t try to change is God’s will for you!
If God has prepared a Pastor for you then accept him in good faith. Trust God for the enablement to help him achieve his goals and to support him even in the place of prayer!

Remember we are all ministers of God, so whether they are doctors or engineers, you may still have to support them in ministry. Don’t conclude yet, that doctor may become a full time pastor tomorrow!
What matters most is be sure this person is God’s will for you, be it a Pastor or not. Just don’t miss the man God prepared for you because he is a Pastor! The sister above had many chances, it may not be same for others!

Would you prefer to marry an unbeliever instead of a Pastor? Don’t settle for less! God still have sons and they are the best husband materials
I hope you got something from this piece?

Someone else would need this, please share

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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